FAMU Wireless

FAMU Wireless is available campus-wide to provide internet service where students, faculty, staff, and visitors need it the most.

Our Wireless Networks

Find out which of our three (3) wireless networks is right for you.

FAMUSecure Eduroam  FAMUGuest

FAMUSecure is the primary wireless network for students, faculty, and staff.

FAMUSecure uses WPA2-Enterprise, which is considered the gold standard for wireless network security.

It delivers over-the-air encryption and a high level of security.  

Eduroam (Education roaming) is an international roaming service designed for universities, colleges, and research centers.

It provides researchers, teachers and students easy and secure network access when visiting an eduroam member institution other than their own.
FAMUGuest Provides unencrypted wireless access to guests and visitors of FAMU.

The user must enter their name and phone number, and agree to the terms and conditions. 
Credentials are then sent via text and are valid for 72 hours.