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The FAMU Foundation is a living organization which is vital to the progress of the University. The Foundation functions through its Board of Directors, institutional constituents and community donors. Due to the devout contributions of donors who consistently support quality programs that strengthen and broaden the university's academic appeal, Florida A&M University continues to be recognized as one of the leading institutions in Florida.

As a non-profit organization, Florida A&M University Foundation, Inc. is established with the specific mandate to serve as a custodian of contributions from the private sector, alumni, friends, and industry. The Foundation receives, invests and administers funds. In addition, the Foundation acts as a trustee and exercises in general the powers of a not-for-profit organization under the laws of Florida.

On behalf of the University, the FAMU Foundation, Inc. would like to express to our many supporters- alumni, faculty, staff, students, corporate partners, and friends- that we greatly appreciate your commitment to serve FAMU that has been shown through your consistent efforts to promote the academic programs at this institution.

From here, you can access information and forms about procedures of the Florida A&M University Foundation, Inc. endowments, board meetings/agendas, and other Foundation activities.




ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have not received an annual statement in the mail and would like one, please send a message to donor_relations@famu.edu


Florida A&M University Foundation


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We are forever grateful to our donors that have committed to supporting our students.

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FAMU Foundation

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