The Office of Telecommunications offers services to support the entire University. This auxiliary unit provides services that include everything from telecom infrastructure to providing faculty and staff with multi-featured telephony services including VoIP Open Stage phones, digital and analog Centrex Telephone/fax lines, stipend, wireless air card use, and university cell phone service. Rates and charges may apply. There are many options for equipment and access, depending on your communication needs.

Contact Information

Rodney Peoples (Coordinator):
Shelia Fields:
Matthew Roberts:

Phone: (850) 599-3388
Fax: (850) 599-8588

Phone Guides 

Welcome to PhoneGuide LIVE

Xpressions Voicemail

Phone Dialing Instructions VoIP

Siemens - Xpressions voicemail

US OS-40 telephone

US OS-60 telephone

XPRESSIONS Web Assistant with Out-of-Office Greeting

OPENSTAGE 40 OSVoice - InfoTel Gen Feat Handout

OPENSTAGE 60 OSVoice - InfoTel Gen Feat Handout

Telecom Designs offers innovation, expertise, and superior service in technology deployments. Please see pricing chart below:

Service Description Cost
Telephone Service/Equipment VoIP OpenStage 40/60 Telephone $259.00
Analog sets M9316 $145.00
M8009   $60.00
Digital Sets M5316 used $50.00 new $259.00
M5008   $118.00
Conference Call Polycom Station $450.00
Handset Cords   $3.50
Power Supply   $20.85
New Line/Monthly Charge Line of Service $28.00
Feature Voicemail $3.50
New line Installed Digital or Analog line $200.00 1st, each additional $100.00
Relocation Relocating same building/area $50.00
  Relocating different building/area $200.00
Converting From analog to digital $200.00