Office of Compliance and Ethics


The mission of the Office of Compliance and Ethics (OCE) is to support the University's mission and strategic plan by proactively partnering with faculty, staff, and management to:


  • Establish a control environment, level of accountability, and ethical framework that promotes commitment to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and lawful conduct by promoting adherence to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, as well as standards and internal policies and protocols;
  • Provide general compliance training to employees and faculty and guidance to managers;
  • Provide an avenue for anonymous reporting of potential non-compliance or unethical behavior; and
  • Develop effective policies and procedures to promote compliance and ethical behavior;
  • Ensure compliance risks are identified, prioritized and managed appropriately.


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University Compliance and Ethics Hotline

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Mandatory Training and Disclosure Calendar

Mandatory Training and Disclosure Calendar

Compliance and Ethics Resources, Training and Information


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Compliance and Ethics Week 2023 Outreach Debrief

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OCE provides resources to the entire university community.

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2024 Data Privacy Week


Office of Compliance and Ethics Highlights


Supports the University's Strategic Plan in developing a world-class business infrastructure and effective compliance and ethics program. Works collaboratively with university leadership and management to support a culture of compliance and ethical decision-making.

Provides oversight and guidance regarding university-wide ethics and compliance activities through the established Enterprise Compliance Committee and Compliance Partners throughout the University. This group focuses on continuous mitigation of compliance risk.
OCE investigates misconduct related to compliance and ethics.

Focuses on consistent communication and training for all members of the University community. Assesses university culture through annual surveys and events. Reporting misconduct is the responsibility of every member and is encouraged through the Compliance and Ethics Hotline.

Meet the University Compliance (OCE) Team


Rica Calhoun
Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer

Thomas Wood
Compliance Coordinator

Edna Gasque
Program Manager

La'Tonya Baker
Director of Compliance, Chief Privacy Officer

Miranda Washington
Compliance Coordinator

Meet the University Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) Team


Latrecha Scott
Director, EOP and Labor Relations/Title IX

Kimberly Ceasar
Assistant Director Equal Opportunity Programs

Letitia McClellan
Title IX Coordinator Equal Opportunity Programs

Montell Holmes
ADA Coordinator

Allysan Boatman
Equal Opportunity Programs Coordinator

Meet the University Athletics Compliance Team


Brittney Johnson
Sr. Associate Athletic Director

Lori Goodart
Associate AD Financial Air & Benefits

Kelly Bickham
Associate AD Eligibility and Compliance

Jerry Goodson
Athletic Compliance Coordinator

Tia Huie
Athletic Compliance Coordinator

Alexus Davenport
Athletic Compliance Front Office Graduate Assistant