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Kbenesh W Blayneh


About Me

Did research activities involving analysis of boundary and initial-value partial, ordinary differential and difference equations, and their applications to biological problems. Analysis includes existence of solutions, and their local and global asymptotic stabilities, bifurcation of solutions as model parameters change. Physical problems studied are epidemiology (effects of vertical transmission, insecticide resistance and temperature on vector-borne diseases), predation and competition for natural resources and the effects of variable environmental factors. Research results from individual, and collaborative works are published, presented at national and international conferences. Additional work involves mentoring undergraduate students who got awards at conference presentations.

Areas of Interest

  • Mathematical Biology: Dynamical Systems (Initial and Boundary Value Partial, Ordinary Differential, and Difference Equations) and applications to epidemiology such as vector-borne diseases, insecticide resistance, intra-specific predation and competition for natural resources.


  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics • 1996
    University of Arizona 
  • M.S. in Mathematics • 1985
    Addis Ababa University 
  • B.S. in Mathematics,  • 1982
    Addis Ababa University 

Work History

  • Professor, Tenured • 1996 - Present
    Florida A&M University 
  • Teaching Assistant  • 1995 - 1996
    University of Arizona
  • Research Assistant • 1993 - 1995
    University of Arizona
  • Lecturer • 1985 - 1989
    Addis Ababa University
  • Assistant Lecturer  1982 - 1985
    Addis Ababa University


  • Published research results done individually as well as collaborating with other researchers, mentored undergraduate students, served as a reviewer by invitation, invited to give a talk at conferences.

Courses Taught At FAMU

  • MAA 4402 - Complex Analysis
  • MAP 2302 - Differential Equations
  • MAP 4103 – Mathematical Modeling