Research Lab Users Training

Research Lab Users Training

Directions for completion of On-line training:

1.    Go to

2.    Create a username and password.

3.    Select FAMU as your institution.

4.    Answer the following question:

Do you conduct research in any of the following settings?

Choose all that apply:

  • Yes, I conduct research with live human beings, human samples or with data derived from human beings.
  • Yes, I conduct research or teaching activities that utilizes live, animal subjects or tissues derived from live animal subjects.
  • Yes, I need/want to take the course on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).
  • Yes, I need/want to take the course on Financial Conflicts of Interest.
  • Yes, I need/want to take the course on Biosafety Training.

5.  Answer the next question:  If you are a research associate, lab technician, graduate student, undergraduate student working in a lab that uses animals in research then you must check the following highlighted items for the online training:

Do you conduct or supervise studies that use laboratory animals?

  • If YES, then you must complete the Basic course and the appropriate species-specific modules.
  • If you are an IACUC member or IACUC administrator, you should complete the "Essentials for IACUC Members" course.

Choose all that apply:

  • The "Working with the IACUC Course" is required if you plan to use laboratory animals in your work or plan to supervise such work.
  • f you are an IACUC member or an IACUC coordinator/administrator, you are required to complete the "Essentials for IACUC Members" course now.
  • IACUC Community Member


For all personnel, choose the appropriate species-specific courses below depending on your work or interests.

  • I work with frogs, toads or other amphibians.
  • I work with mice.
  • I work with rats.
  • I am involved in studies that have the potential to cause "more than momentary pain and distress" in mice or rats.
  • I work with hamsters.
  • I work with gerbils.
  • I work with guinea pigs.
  • I work with rabbits.
  • I work with cats.
  • I work with dogs.
  • I work with swine.
  • I work with non-human primates (NHP)