IRB Online Training

IRB On-Line Training

Directions for completion of On-line training:

1.    Go to

2.    Create a username and password.

3.    Select FAMU as your institution.

4.    Answer the following question:

Do you conduct research in any of the following settings?

Choose all that apply

  • Yes, I conduct research with live human beings, human samples or with data derived from human beings.
  • Yes, I conduct research or teaching activities that utilizes live, animal subjects or tissues derived from live animal subjects.
  • Yes, I need/want to take the course on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).
  • Yes, I need/want to take the course on Financial Conflicts of Interest.

5. Answer the next question:  If you are a If you are a Principal Investigator, Graduate Student, Undergraduate student and you are submitting an IRB application you need to complete the following highlighted areas to complete your on line training. In order to place you in the appropriate course we need to know if you have previously completed the Basic Course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects.

Choose one answer

  • NO, I have NOT completed the Basic Course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects in the past. This is the first time using the CITI Program at this institution. I need to complete the Basic Course.
  • Yes. I have completed the CITI Basic Course previously. It is time for me to complete the Refresher Course.

Select the group appropriate to your research activities.

Choose one answer

  • Group 1: This course is suitable for investigators and staff conducting BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH with human subjects.
  • Group 2: This course is suitable for investigators and staff conducting SOCIAL / HUMANISTIC / BEHAVIOAL RESEARCH with human subjects.