Office of the VP - Research



Greetings FAMU Supporters:

Florida A&M University is appreciative that the Division of Research (DoR) has now passed the $50M mark and we’re grateful to you for visiting our site.  With the aim of promoting further interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research collaborations among our peers and with other institutions, we are compelled to move vigorously towards the University’s target of  achieving its research mission with enhanced training capacities.

The FAMU DoR now comprises the Offices of Sponsored Programs, Animal Welfare and Research Integrity, Technology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization, and Contracts and Grants.  We are here to provide administrative infrastructure conducive to supporting a thriving research environment; each office’s focus is designed to meet the needs of the investigator at various stages in the research process.

The intense challenges of this 21st century undoubtedly demand professional, administrative research expertise to help fulfill the needs of our global society.  This includes top-notch researchers, who are willing to push the frontiers of knowledge.  We welcome seasoned and novice researchers, for we’re better together!

The FAMU faculty and staff is addressing some of the most important research problems of this decade, striving to enhance livelihoods everywhere.  In line with furthering the cause, five (5) patents were issued during FY 2009-2010, ranging from treating mammalian cancers to cheering on the Rattlers with a personal finger flag.  Competitive proposals continue to yield funding from national, state and local agencies, resulting in providential findings.  
FAMU’s DoR is actively pursuing the University President’s 2020 Vision with Courage, Strategic Goal 3.4:  “To enhance visibility and productivity as a Doctoral/Research University.”  “Research and academics are at the heart of what we do at FAMU,” as our illustrious President James H. Ammons states. The DoR is committed to supporting and promoting the vital function of the School of Graduate Studies and Research. It is abundantly clear that productivity of the graduate faculty principal investigators and graduate students is to a great extent what invigorates and sustains the DoR. 

With all of us striving together toward higher heights and deeper depths of inquiry and resolution, FAMU’s diverse research endeavors will result in growth and development unparalleled in success.Becoming an internationally recognized research institution with responsible stewardship will allow us all to reap the benefits of our scholarship with sustainable action.As this site is continually updated, hopefully, it will serve as a shining light to direct us further in our commitment to and involvement with promoting and providing research “Excellence with Caring,” with superior customer service. Forever live FAMU, impacting the quality of life for all people in a positive way.




Charles A. Weatherford, Ph.D.

Professor and  Vice President for Research