Current Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Officers 2021-2022 

Faculty Senators 2021-2022 Directory

  • College of Agriculture & Food Sciences

    Dr. Jenelle Robinson
    Dr. John Odhiambo
    Dr. Muhammad Haseeb
    Dr. James Muchovej
    Dr. Islam El-Sharkawy
  • College of Education

    Dr. Lavetta Henderson
    Dr. Ezzeldin Aly
  • College of Law

    Trustee Ann Marie Cavazos
    Professor Patricia Broussard
    Professor Cynthia Ramellewann
  • College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Institute of Public Health

    Dr. Tiffany Ardley
    Dr. Jamal Brown
    Dr. Ebenezer Oriaku
    Dr. Bridgette Israel
    Dr. Arlesia Mathis
  • College of Science & Technology

    Dr. Clement Allen
    Dr. Daniel Osborne
    Dr. Edith Onyeozili
    Dr. Micheal Thornton
    Dr. Keerthisinge Senevirathne
  • College of Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

    Dr. Terrell Brown
    Dr. Kyle Eidahl
    Dr. Kyle Harris
    Dr. Courtnay Micots
    Dr. Kenisha Thomas
    Dr. Jeneen Surrency
    Dr. Novell Tani

    Mr. Anthony Thompson
  • FAMU/FSU College of Engineering

    Dr. Shonda Bernadin Dr. Peter Kalu
  • School of Allied Health Sciences

    Dr. Phyllis Reaves Dr. Kurt Gray
  • School of Architecture & Engineering Technology

    Professor Craig Huffman
    Professor Leon Prosper
  • School of Business & Industry

    Dr. Roscoe Hightower
    Dr. Aretha Hill
    Attorney John Washington
  • School of the Environment

    Dr. Elijah Johnson
    Dr. Richard Gragg
  • School of Journalism & Graphic Communications

    Dr. Hsuan Huang
    Dr. Jeffrey Wilkinson
  • School of Nursing

    Dr. Rachel Robinson
    Dr. Robin Butler
  • University Library

    Shuchun Liang
    Ms. Karen Southwell
  • Ex-Officio (Voting)

    Dr. Robert Taylor
  • SGA (Voting)

    Mr. Christopher Allen
    Ms. Carrington Whigham