Minor in Architectural Studies

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degree is a four-year pre-professional program that offers a broad-based education in the fundamentals of architecture. It is divided into pre-architecture (years one and two--lower division) and architecture (years three and four--upper division). Students may be admitted as freshmen or as transfer students.

Qualified B.S.Arch. graduates are eligible for admission into one of the professional architecture programs (B.Arch. or M.Arch.), the Master of Science in Architecture--Facilities Management, or Master of Science in Construction Management and Engineering Technology offered at Florida A&M University and throughout the country; or they may choose to enter the building industry as employees of architects or a variety of other fields such as urban design, environmental law, or real estate development.

Application and Admission Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies is a limited-access program.  Minimum admission requirements for freshmen & transfer students with less than 60 hours--3.0/4.0 high school GPA; SAT (Reading: 27, Math: 26, Writing & Language: 27). ACT (English: 19, Reading: 22, Math: 22). For transfer students with 60 hours, a minimum 2.5/4.0 GPA is required.  International TOEFL score (computer-based 173, Internet-based 80) or IELTS 7.  The university admits qualified applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies program.


Minor in Architecture (18 Hours)

ARC 1003 Orientation to Architecture                    1
ARC 1302 Design 1.2                                                4
ARC 1274 Intro to Facility Management                 3
ARC 2470 Intro to Technology of Architecture     3
ARC 1301 Design 1.1                                                  4
ARC 2701 Architectural History I                             3



Division of Architecture Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
David Akinsanya      
Sara Buck Adjunct


(850) 599-3244
Bryan Buie Visiting Assistant Professor bryan.buie@famu.edu (850)599-3244
Olivier Chamel Associate Professor & Division of Architecture Director olivier.chamel@famu.edu (850) 599-3894
Andrew Chin Associate Professor & Interim Dean andrew.chin@famu.edu  (850)599-3244
Rhonda Hammond

Visiting Assistant Professor


Craig Huffman Professor craig.huffman@famu.edu (850) 599-8781
Ronald Lumpkin Associate Professor & Interim Associate Dean ronald.lumpkin@famu.edu (850) 599-8768
Mahsan Mohsenin Associate Professor mahsan.mohsenin@famu.edu (850) 599-3337

Maxim Nasab

Visiting Assistant Professor maxim.nasab@famu.edu (850)599-3244

Ana Orosco

Visiting Assistant Professor ana.orosco@famu.edu (850)599-3244

Barrett Pujol

Adjunct barrett.pujol@famu.edu (850)599-3244

Kyle Spence

Visiting Assistant Professor kyle.spence@famu.edu (850)599-3244

Jonathon Stevens

Visiting Assistant Professor jonathon.stevens@famu.edu (850)599-3244

Leon Williams

Visiting Assistant Professor leon.williams@famu.edu (850)599-3244



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