Bachelor of Science in Construction Eng. Technology

Construction Engineering Technology
The Construction Engineering Technology program offers specialized instruction in modem techniques of the construction practice. The mission of the program is to produce highly competent and technically trained graduates who possess a solid understanding of the fundamental of engineering and construction/civil concepts.

The program prepares graduates to work with architects, engineers, contractors and other entities concerned with construction (vertical and horizontal). Typically, program graduates perform work associated with project estimating, erection, supervision or management. This ability is derived from thorough exposure to construction techniques and materials, surveying, estimating methods, computer applications, contractual relationship and legal issues. All students are required to develop skills in technical writing and public speaking. In addition, students may complete courses in GI system, landscape, surveying, engineering and technology through the Construction Engineering Technology program and other academic units at FAMU. All graduates are encouraged to have OSHA 30 Hour (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certification, complete at least two (2) internships, and demonstrate competency in computer programming and software application.

Graduates majoring in Construction Engineering Technology Program are prepared to work with contractors, architects, engineers and other entities concerned with construction. A wide range of career opportunities are available to graduates to work as Safety Engineers, Project Engineers, Job Superintendents, Construction Engineers, Engineer Technicians, Scheduling Engineers, Construction Estimators, Field Engineers, Construction Mangers, and Residential, Building and General Construction. Also, graduates are prepared to pursue graduate degree in a wide variety of areas such as civil engineering, construction management, business administration or law.

Bachelor in Construction Engineering Technology Curriculum

*From the required statewide courses list
** From the statewide additional course list
*** From the required university elective course list 

Year 1

Course Title Hours
BCN 1221C Building Construction 3
BCN 2230 Materials & Methods of Construction I 3
EGN 1110C Engineering Graphics I (w/AutoCAD) 2
EGS 1000 Introduction to Engineering Technology 1
ENC 1101 Freshman Communication Skills 1 3
MAC 1114 Algebraic and Trigonometric Functions 3
Semester Hours: 15


Course Title Hours
BCN 2231 Materials & Methods of Construction II 3
CHM 1030 Introduction to Chemistry for Non-Science Majors 3
EGN 1112C Engineering Graphics II(AutoCAD) 3
ENC 1102 Freshman Communication Skills II 3
PHY 2053 College Physics I 3
PHY 2053 College Physics I Lab 1
Semester Hours: 16
Year 1 Total: 31
Course Title Hours
BCN 3271 Construction Documents 3
ENC 3243 Technical Report Writing 3
STA 2023 Introduction to Probability & Statistics 3
SUR 2140C Elementary Surveying 3
SUR 2140L Elementary Surveying Lab 1
  African American History Elective 3
Semester Hours: 16


Course Title Hours
BCN 3240 Construction Equipment & Operations 2
BCN 3731C Construction Safety & OSHA Certification 3
MAC 2311 Calculus I 4
  Humanities Core (PHI2010 recommended) 3
  Social Science Core (FL Civic Literacy) 3
Semester Hours: 15
Year Total: 31




Course Title Hours
BCN 3562C Electrical Systems in Construction 3
BCN 3720 Construction Planning & Scheduling 2
BCN 4617 Construction Estimating I 3
CET 2365C C-Programming for Engineering & Technology 3
ETG 2502 Statics 3
  Humanities Elective (PHI3601 recommended) 3
Semester Hours: 17


Course Title Hours
BCN 3566C Electromechanical Systems 3
BCN 4619 Construction Estimating II 3
BCN 4782 Computer Applications for Construction Management 3
ETC 3211 Soil Mechanics & Foundations 3
ETC 3211L Soil Mechanics & Foundations Lab 1
ETG 2530 Strength of Materials  3
ETG 2530L Strength of Materials  Lab 1
ETG 4939 Professional Development 1
Semester Hours: 18
Year Total: 35


Course Title Hours
BCN 3797 Construction Management I 3
BCN 4705 Contracts, Codes, & Law 3
BCN 4941 Internship or Technical Elective 2
ETC 4454 Reinforced Concrete I 3
ETC 4454L Reinforced Concrete I Lab  1
  University Specified Elective 3
Semester Hours: 15


Course Title Hours
BCN 3253 Construction Accounting 3
BCN 3939 Construction Management Capstone Project 2
ETC 4455 Reinforced Concrete II 3
ETI 4671 Principles of Engineering Economics I 2
  Social Science Elective (PSY 2012 recommended) 3
Semester Total: 13
Year Total: 28


Total B.S. Construction Engineering Technology Hours: 124


Division of Engineering Technology Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
Mohamed Ahmed Assistant Professor

(850) 599-3244
David Akinsanya Associate Instructor (850) 599-8622
Leon Prosper Instructor (850) 599-8636
Doreen Kobelo Regalado Associate Professor & Division of Engineering Technology Director (850) 599-8601
Behnam Shadravan Associate Professor & Construction Engineering Technology Coordinator

(850) 599-8626



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