Institutional Level Assessment Committee (ILAC)

Institutional Level Assessment Committee (ILAC)

Dr. Deanna Burney, Chair
Mr. Nigel Edwards, Co-Chair

To provide leadership in establishing and maintaining a culture of assessment for the university in alignment to standards set by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) and other external accreditation/accountability bodies. 

To make recommendations to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee and Provost for the improvement of assessment practices and institutional outcomes.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities of ILAC

  • Providing leadership for the development and implementation of campus-wide institutional assessment strategies.
  • Establishing and monitoring the annual assessment calendar.
  • Reviewing submitted assessment reports and plans submitted by instructional programs, administrative and educational support services and recommending revisions as appropriate.
  • Recommending the development, acquisition and use of attitudinal and other types of surveys/questionnaires as institutional assessment instruments.
  • Verifying that assessment results have been used for programmatic or service improvements ("closing the loop").
  • Evaluating institutional assessment practices and making recommendations to the administration (Provost, President, and BOT) for strengthening the assessment of teaching and learning processes.
  • Recommending channels and types of information that can be routinely communicated campus-wide and to external constituencies/stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities for ILAC Members
The ILAC members are assessment coordinators recommended for appointment to the committee by the appropriate unit head and affirmed for service by the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.  The specific roles and responsibilities of ILAC members are itemized below.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities as ILAC Committee Members

1)   Attend regularly scheduled ILAC and other related Office of University Assessment (OUA) meetings. 

2)   Support ILAC in the execution of its charge and purpose. 

3)   Support ILAC in assessing the Office of University Assessment (OUA) process for the review of assessment reports and plans. 

4)   Serve as liaison between ILAC and the college/school/administrative unit.