COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Has the deadline for report and plan submission been changed due to COVID-19?

A:  No, the September 15 deadline will remain in effect.

Q:  My class was moved from face-to-face to online for Spring – how do I report it in Nuventive?

A:  Please report the number of students assessed in the box which correlates with the original scheduled course modality (i.e., if the class was scheduled as a face-to-face class, but was moved online in response to COVID-19, please continue to report it and the students in the class as being taught in the face-to-face modality).

Q:  My class was moved online due to COVID-19 and one of the planned assignments for our assessment was not collected.  How do I report this?

A:  At FAMU, we value transparency.  Please indicate that the assessment was not conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  You may then report in the Reflections portion of the assessment what you learned about your program via the COVID-19 crisis and how you will make changes to prepare should other crises arise.

Q: How do we receive training on the reporting function of Nuventive?

A: All training has been moved to the virtual environment. Please contact the OUA for training on Nuventive or any other assessment related topic.

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