Lee Hall Auditorium

Erected in 1927, the building was named Lee Hall in honor of J.R.E. Lee, Sr., who was president of Florida A&M University from 1924 to 1944. Lee Hall Auditorium is a fully-equipped and beautifully designed theatre that seats 677 on the floor and 513 in the balcony.

Lee Hall Auditorium
Lee Hall Auditorium is a fully-equipped and beautifully designed theatre. The auditorium seats 677 on the floor and 513 in the balcony with an additional area designated for physically disabled audience members.

The auditorium is equipped with modern lighting and audio systems, and a full orchestra shell for concerts. With its oak paneled walls and plexiglass sound baffles, it is acoustically very sensitive as well as architecturally attractive.

Lee Hall Auditorium Booking Information

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    Lee Hall Auditorium User Memo

    This form outlines the booking procedures for Lee Hall Auditorium. It constitutes the agreement between all users and the auditorium management
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    Event Summary Form (Coming Soon)

    The purpose of this form is to provide our team with an accurate and detailed description of your event. Please provide sketches of floor plans, programs, details of activities, or calendars that you may have. This will help us to accurately estimate the services needed for an efficiently executed event.
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    Facility Description Manual

    This form gives complete and detailed information on the following:

    → Stage
    → Fly System
    → Lighting System
    → Audio System
    → Backstage Facilities
    → Personnel
    → Booking and Operating Procedures
    → Pre-Event Preparations, Event Activities and Post Event Procedures

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    Directions and Parking Information

    FAMU's Office of Parking and Transportation can provide you with directions, parking information, and bus arrival times for FAMU's main campus.

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