The Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) is a full-service department responsible for providing a range of human resources and personnel services to the University.


Human Resources

The FAMU Office of Human Resources is responsible for managing every aspect of the employment process, including the hiring and training of new employees. We also manage the payroll process, time and attendance, employee benefits, and more.

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Our job is to continually improve and sustain the University's ability to attract, develop and retain excellent and diverse talent in a compliant and inclusive environment

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Departments & Divisions



Benefits & Retirement

Employees of Florida A&M University can take part in a variety of benefit programs 
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Classification, Compensation & Employment

The HR Employment department is responsible for the coordination of employment and recruitment. We manage the employee selection, verification and appointment process for all FAMU employees. 
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Employee Relations & Records Management

We provide guidance and oversight of official employee personnel files (A&P, USPS, and OPS). 
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Organizational Development & Training (ODT)

Our Department maintains a tracking system of employee training, workshops and support sessions to ensure that appropriate personnel in all departments receive training. 
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Payroll Administration

We are responsible for processing all payroll timesheets and related documents, ensuring proper payment, and maintaining accurate payroll records for all official employee personnel 
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Time & Attendance

We are responsible for reviewing timesheets and other information to keep track of leave time, such as vacation, personal leave, and sick leave, for all official employee personnel 
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Workforce Administration

It is our responsibility to make all the necessary updates to job-related data and employee records, including salary, departmental and personal information on a timely basis. 
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Forms and Documents


Employee Guide (3/10/17)

HR-1000 Recruitment Procedures

HR-1002 NCJA FAMU Fingerprinting Background Check

HR-1003 Non-Discrimination and Compliance Procedure

HR-1004 Reasonable Accommodation

HR-1005 Non-Resident Alien

HR-1006 Employment of Relatives

HR-1007 Selective Service

HR-1008 Executive Service Appointments

HR-1009 Veteran's Preference

HR-1010 Volunteers

HR-1011 Waiver of Advertising Appointments  

HR-2000 Classification and Compensation

HR-2001 Request for Additional Employment

HR-2002 Payroll Off-Cycle Payment

HR-2003 Court Ordered Garnishments

HR-2004 Moving Expenses

HR-2005 Overtime and Compensatory Time

HR-2006 Prerequisites Sale of Goods and Services

HR-2007 Prompt Payment of Promotional Increases

HR-2008 Running Cost Center Report

HR-3000 Benefits and Hours of Work

HR-3000 Telecommuting Program

HR-3001  Family Medical Leave Act

HR-3002 Worker's Compensation Procedure

HR-3003 Retirement Programs

HR-3004 Recording Overtime on Attendance and Leave Report

HR-3005 Leave Payout

HR-3006 Parental Leave of Absence

HR-3007 Sick Leave Pool

HR-3008 Leave of Absence

HR-3009 Absences for Religious Holidays

HR-3010 Temporary Total Disability Benefits Payments

HR-3011 Processing Invoices for Independent Medicals Exams

HR-3012 The Employee Assistance Program

HR-4000 USPS and A&P Performance Evaluation Procedure

HR-5000 Tuition Waiver Procedure

HR-5001 Tuition Reimbursements Procedures

HR-6000 Political Activity

HR-6001 Use of University Facilities 

HR-7000 Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy

HR-7001 Policy on Alcoholism

HR-8000 Layoff and Recall of USPS Employees

HR-8001 Layoff and Recall of A&P Employees

HR-9000 Separation from Employment

HR-10000 Procedures for Accessing Employee Personnel File

We provide instant access to the most recent and up-to-date official policies that govern employment at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. 


The policies herein supersede any printed version and take priority over versions elsewhere.  The policies herein have been created to provide governance to support the mission, vision and values of the university.  For questions related to the policies herein, contact the Office of Human Resources at (850) 599-3611.


Drug-Free Workplace Policy
University Human Resources Regulations
University Policies 

Return to Work Guidelines

COVID-19 Return to Work Guide

Employee: COVID-19 Return to Work Guide
Manager: COVID-19 Return to Work Guide

Leon County Advisory

Leon County Advisory #2020-01

Leon County Emergency Ordinance

HR Advisory

Office of Human Resources (HR) Advisory #2020-01

First Families Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) COVID-19

Office of Human Resources (HR) Advisory #2020-02

Executive Service Order #20-83 This advisory will be automatically rescinded upon expiration or recession of the Governor’s Executive Order No. 20-52, which will currently expire on November 4, 2020, unless otherwise extended.

Office of Human Resources (HR) Advisory #2020-03

Executive Service Order #20-88

Office of Human Resources (HR) Advisory #2020-04

Return to Work Overview by HR

Office of Human Resources (HR) Advisory #2020-05


Working Remotely

Office of Human Resources Telecommuting Agreement

Telecommuting Agreement

Office of Human Resources Telecommuting Policy

Telecommuting Policy

Florida A&M University Coronavirus Health Guidance



A&P Evaluation Objectives (form HR-HR-2)
A&P Performance Evaluation
A&P Search & Screening Procedures




Department Payroll Certification Worksheet
Direct Deposit Instructions
Direct Deposit Authorization Form(Revised 11/2022)



FAMU First Report of Injury
Flextime Request
Flextime Work Schedule
FRS Employment Certification Form (Revised 2021)




I-9 (Employment and Eligibility Verification  - INS)
iRattler Access Request Form




Leave Report Form


Mission Critical Form 2-28-2023


New Employee Sign-Up Checklist (HR form, revised 6/2021)
New Employee Sign-up Packet (Salaried Employee) (Revised 1/2024)
New Employee Sign-up Packet - OPS (Revised 1/2024)
Nine (9) over Twelve (12) Pay Option Calculator


Oath of Loyalty (Revised 11/2022)
Off Cycle Request Form
Offer Letter - E&G, A&P, USPS
Offer Letter - Auxiliary, C&G, Local or Title III, A&P, USPS
OPS Personnel Action Request
OPS Staff/Student Time Sheet
Outside Employment and Conflict of Interest Activities (Revised 11/20)



4-Day Work Week Pay Schedule

Payroll Schedule (2019)
Payroll Schedule (2020)
Payroll Schedule (2021)
Payroll Schedule (2022)

Personal Information Sheet (Revised 11/2022)
Personal Leave of Absence Request
Personnel Action Request Form (HR-C-1, updated 04/2023)
Position Description Form (A&P, Faculty) (Position Description form HR-C5, updated 6/2019)
Position Description Form (USPS) (Position Description form HR-C5, updated 6/2019)
Personnel File Request(form HR-AR-1)
2017 Promotional Exam Request Form



Reference Check and Employment Verification Form(form HR-C-4, revised 01/11)
Request for Additional Employment(form HR-C-8, revised 08/18)

Request for Overtime/Overtime Compensatory Leave(form HR-T&L-6)
Request for Special Pay/Other Increase (revised 01/11)
Request to Advertise (HR  form 400, revised 12/13/2022)
Request to Use University Equipment, Facilities and Services (HR  form HR-402A, revised 06/08)


Sick Leave Pool Application
Sick Pool Health Care Provider Form
Self-Service Pin Creation Instructions
Special Departmental Representatives Workshop Powerpoint Presentation Fall 2014


Ten (10) over Twelve (12) Pay Option Calculator
Tuition Reimbursement Application (form HR-LR-2)

Telecommuting Policy
Telecommuting Form
Time-Limited Appointment (revised 06/16)
Tuition Waiver Enrollment Form 



USPS Exempt and Non-Exempt TimesheetUSPS Evaluation Guidelines for Supervisors
USPS Performance Evaluation for Non-Supervisory Employees(form HR-LR-7)
USPS Performance Evaluation for Supervisory Employees(form HR-LR-8)
USPS Performance Standards Form
USPS Time and Attendance (form HR-T&L-1)


Volunteer Activity and Services Form


2024 W-4
Worker's Compensation Accrued Leave Election





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