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Themed Learning Communities


FYE Themed Learning Communities are non-residential.  Students do not have to live in a specific Residential Learning Facility to be eligible to participate. Students who participate in Freshmen Themed-Learning communities should expect to:

  1. Develop a strong sense of belonging at the university and within smaller academic groups
  2. Experience a smoother transition from high school to college.
  3. Achieve high academic performance.
  4. Develop friendships and study groups

Program Goals

  1. Support the retention and persistence to graduation of first-year students.
  2. Establish cohort experience and an environment of peer-to-peer support
  3. Create opportunities for students to cultivate relationships with FAMU alumni, government officials, industry leaders and local business owners
  4. Provide connections with key stakeholder's area on campus, including Career Center, Financial Aid, Study Abroad, Student Activities, and Freshmen Studies.
  5. Facilitate students' access and integration to FAMU culture and organizations.


Strike in four
Strike in four


"Strike in four"
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