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The Office of Access and Opportunity is a four-year undergraduate retention-based office tasked with providing academic and social integration initiatives to students admitted to FAMU through the Access Summer Bridge Program (ASB). This invitation-only program is open to graduating high school seniors in the state of Florida. The ASB program is designed for underrepresented students who do not meet regular admission criteria, but who demonstrate the potential to succeed in college with guided, intentional academic and personal assistance.

Students admitted through the Access Summer Bridge program will be provided academic and social initiatives throughout their undergraduate years at FAMU. Academic benchmarks have been created to retain students and ensure academic success each semester.

Our goal is to support those invited to participate with the Office of Access and Opportunity through academic support, mentorship, and life skills development. Our aim is to ensure that the program participants successfully navigate the transition into college, graduate, and move on to successful careers.


Access Summer Bridge Staff


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Diverse group of FAMU Students

Four Years of Support: Access Summer Bridge Program Overview

  • Year One

  • As students enter college, there will be an extensive focus on academic preparation through the creation of academic succession plans, participation with academic workshops and academic coaching. Students will also learn about financial literacy and budgeting, attend workshops on early career readiness and participate in social integration activities.Students will earn badges for completion of academic support and career  initiatives through the Strike Forward program

  • Year Two

  • Year Two will include academic workshops to continuedesigned to help students continue in their acclimateion to college, while developing academic skills to secure a summer internship.Students will continue to be monitored to earn academic and social badges through the Strike Forward program.ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
  • Year Three

  • A focus on career and financial preparation through earning system trainer, earning a leadership development badge, updating career plans and involvement in registered student organizations to expand professional and personal interests.
  • Year Four

  • A focus on workforce preparation through the completion of career related certifications, internships, co-op experiences, experiential learning, and practical application. Students will participate in career related and graduate feeder workshops. Participation in student organizations that will support and enhance career exploration and social engagement. Students are encouraged to support and serve as mentors to incoming freshmen.  


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Access Summer Bridge Program Components

  • tutor helping student with homework
  • Civic Engagement

  • Throughout the duration of the summer, Access Bridge Students will have the pleasure of volunteering within the community to establish precedence for civic engagement as well as to begin to learn about what it entails to be a comprehensive Florida A&M University Scholar.
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  • Peer Mentors

  • The purpose of the Peer Mentor Program is to aid in the academic, emotional, and social adjustment of mentees to college life at Florida A&M University.  Peer Mentors serve as peer support personnel for mentees and share program goals and responsibilities aimed at ensuring the retention of student participants.
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  • College Prep Success Videos

  • The College Prep Success videos are designed to teach parents and students how to successfully navigate and transition to Florida A&M University. The topics of the course are organized, structured, and presented, based on relevance to incoming college freshman students. Successful completion of this course, coupled with an effective summer transition program, should result in students being privy and knowledgeable of how to succeed at Florida A&M University.



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