Advisors Corner

“There is no greater joy, than knowing that you made a difference”
It is an honor to be asked to serve as an advisor, but it is also important that you understand the additional demands that will be placed upon your time and energy. You will be helping prepare our students to achieve a wide array of goals throughout their involvement. You will serve as a guide as they learn how to balance their co-curricular involvement with their academic pursuits. Your role will be multifaceted, as a motivated, challenger, supporter, energizer, mentor, and role model. Your involvement will provide a sense of direction for the organization and an opportunity for our students to realize their potential.

In this guidebook, we have identified key responsibilities, roles, expectations, and techniques to enhance your effectiveness as an advisor. Also included are policies and procedures established by the Office of Student Activities (OSA).


Thank you for your dedication to the quality of student life at FAMU; may your involvement with the student organizations be positive and rewarding for all.

If you require additional information or support, please contact the Efferson Student Union and Activities at 850-599-3400

Congratulations! And we are looking forward to working with you and your org. this year.

- ESUA Staff

The Advisor's Handbook


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  • Definition

  • Is this you?
    Advisor noun ad·vis·er | \ əd-ˈvī-zər variants: or adviser Definition of advisor
    : someone who gives advice
    Source: Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Definition

  • The difference between the advisor and the student leader.

  • The advisor is not the elected leader of the group. His/her authority comes from the University. The advisor is most often related to the group because the university requires that each organization have an advisor before it can be active and recognized. The advisor must be concerned as well with the goals of the college, professional responsibilities and the educational relevance of the activity of the organization.

    The student leader’s authority comes from the group which has selected him/her for leadership. The student leader is most concerned with helping the group reach its goals, event planning and hosting, social status and etc.
  • An Advisor Is A…

  • Þ Mentor
    Þ Counselor
    Þ Financial Advisor
    Þ Teacher
    Þ Referee/Mediator
    Þ Support System
    Þ Spiritual Advisor
    Þ Parental Figure
    Þ Trainer
    Þ Confidant
    Þ Guide

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    An advisor is a person who wears many hats and plays a variety of roles at any given movement. An advisor must remain versatile and flexible, while remaining consistent, unbiased and fair.


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Joe Rattler
Jane Rattler
Jill Rattler
Joe Rattler
Jane Rattler
Jill Rattler