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The mission of the Campus Activities Board henceforth known as CAB, is to enrich the campus life experience by encouraging the involvement of all students with entertainment that is engaging and enjoyable. CAB functions to enrich the cultural and social needs on campus. The Campus Activities Board provides interesting, exciting, and diverse experiences to entertain the students.  

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CAB Assistant Director

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CAB Director 

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Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student-run organization responsible for planning and coordinating on-campus entertainment at the Florida A&M University. CAB strives to enhance the Rattler experience by offering university-wide programming for students both on-campus and off-campus. By offering various events, we aim to initiate student involvement and promote interaction among those in the FAMULY.



How do I get involved?

The Campus Activities Board welcomes all FAMU students interested in getting involved in our organization. Students interested in becoming a committee member should attend our "Your CAB Has Arrived" Session to learn more about CAB and the steps necessary to get involved.




Each of our committees are responsible for the planning and execution of various events on campus. Our events include large-scale programs, mini-series, speaking engagements, movie screenings, and much more! For upcoming events, please visit our upcoming events page!




The CAB is comprised of six different committees, each responsible for various types of events. Committees include: Entertainment, Fine Arts, Research and Evaluation, User Responsibility, Press and Marketing, and Fundraising and Service.


Positions within CAB

As a member of the CAB E-Board, you'll have the chance to help plan and execute amazing events and activities for the FAMULY, all while building your leadership skills and making lasting connections with your peers.

  • The CAB Drirector shall preside over all board, general body and special call meetings,
  • Assist with the coordination of campus events, and activities of the board.
  • Create committees when necessary.
  • Serve as the financial custodian for the Campus Activities Board
  • Liaison officer between the Campus Activities Board, Student Government Association, and other Organizations.
  • Deliver the weekly CAB reports at regular Senate Meetings or designate a CAB officer to deliver weekly CAB reports at regular Senate Meetings.
  • Oversees the Research and Evaluation Committee
  • Work closely with the Treasurer and advisor(s)
  • Assist the Director in the day-to-day operations 
  • Serve as an ex-officio member on all committees
  • Serve as committee coordinator, and meet regularly with all committee chairs 
  • Preside over meetings in the absence of the Director
  • Prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Director.
  • The ex-officio shall have voting rights
  • Assist with the selection, training and supporting members in their duties 
  • Responsible for membership recruitment, recognition and rention (works closely with Secretary and Research and Evaluation Committee

The Secretary shall

  • Prepare the agenda and read the minutes during the meeting,
  • Provide each Board members with an agenda for each meeting 24 hours in advance
  • Keep permanent records of the organization on file. Work with the Parliamentarian. 
  • Publish the Board Calendar, count all votes, and record results. Copies of these items must be kept on file in the Senate and CAB office, as well as within iStrike.

The Assistant Secretary shall serve as the Corresponding Secretary and Press Secretary, 

Compile and keep on file all the minutes and reports of the

  • Committee meetings
  • General Body Meetings
  • E-Board Meetings
  • Assume duties of the Secretary in his/her absence. 
Shall oversee the CAB budget, collect all committee budgets, and review and approve them. Will work closely with the CAB director and CAB Advisor(s). 
The Parliamentarian shall keep the meetings in order by proper parliamentary procedures via Robert’s Rules of Order. Will also be responsible for meditations at the beginning of meetings and other activities.

This committee shall propose, plan and implement programming/events open to the FAMU community. This committee will consist of five sub-committees

Union Programs:

  • Black History Month Days
  • Painting with twist 
  • Grocery BINGO
  • Movie Night
  • Triva Night
  • Open Mic Night

Major Events: 

  • Responsible for programming large-scale events like Welcome Week, Frightfest, Formal, and Springfest.
    • CAB Week
    • Parent and Family Weekend/FAMULY Day on the Hill
    • Welcome Week 
    • Cram Jam (Fa/Spr)
    • Spring Fest 

Spirit of a Rattler: 

Brings spirit events to campus including class competitions, Spirit Days, student spirit section at sporting events, and etc. This committee will partner with the King and Queen of Orange and Green.

General Member Relations:

Coordinates club bonding activities

Off-Campus Events: 

Organizes trips such the $5 Event Series featuring concerts, Theater performances, sporting events, recreational trips, and more

Other programming might include:

  • Debate and Lecture series,
  • Discussion groups,
  • Concerts,
  • Collaborations with departments, clubs, and organizations
  • films,
  • other social functions. 

The Committee plays an important part in developing cultural programs open to the FAMU community. Its responsibilities include promoting programs such as 

  • exhibits,
  • recitals,
  • lectures,
  • Annual Fine Arts Festival during the spring


The purpose of this committee is to evaluate the total program, which includes: 

    • Adherence to the finance code
    • Drafting a preliminary budget
    • Collecting feedback and after action reports from hosted events and programs 
    • Creating and implementing surveys and polls geared towards evaluating the interests of the campus
The purpose of this committee is to revise the internal rules and procedures of the Campus Activities Board and to make sure the Board adheres to the proposed documents during the year. 
This committee aims to bring creative ideas to the board that would increase funds for university events and partner with the OSA Volunteer Coordinator and other on/off-campus partners to bring new and exciting service projects to our students. 
The Purpose of this committee is to spread information regarding the board programming events to the entire university. Creating email blast, flyers and marketing material for events, running and updating the CAB Instagram and iStrike pages. 

Any FAMU student, who is currently enrolled at any of the institutions campuses, can be a part of CAB. 

To join CAB simply attend a general body meeting and speak join a committee or the body. 

Class CABinets 2023-2024

The Class Presidents, also known as a class representatives, are the leaders of a specific student body class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate Level), and presides over its class cabinet within CAB. These roles are voted on by their peers during the general election timeframe(s). Visit the FAMU-SGA website and follow the @FAMUELECTIONS / @FAMU_SGA87  for more information.  

Class of 2027

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Graduate Class

Graduate Level Students 

Staple Events 

Time-Honored Traditions and Exciting Activities  

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Past Welcome Weeks

Week of events line-up

Friday, August 19, 2022

  • President's Ice Cream Social 
  • Cinematic Friday: ETERNALS

Saturday, August 20, 2022


  • Fast Colors: Color Run 
  • Target Practice: Ax Throwing 
  • Quiet Storm: Silent Party

Sunday, August 21, 2022

  • Freshmen Transition Ceremony
  • Agents of S.T.R.I.K.E. Kickback

Monday, August 22, 2022

  • Mighty Munchies: Breakfast Starters 
  • First Day Drip Photoshoot 
  • Monday Night Karaoke 

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

  • Double Tap Tuesday 
  • Travel Trivia w/Study Abroad 
  • Greek Life 101

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt 
  • 1st Strike Volunteer Fair 
  • Rattlers Assemble: Pep Rally 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

  • Goal Wall 
  • Thirsty Thursday - SGA Meet & Greet 
  • Thursday Night Lights: Rec. Center Takeover 

Friday, August 26, 2022

  • SET Friday: Return to the SET

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