Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to lead, coordinate, and support initiatives and projects related to planning, assessing, examining, and reporting on the accomplishment of FAMU’s mission and strategic goals. The Office promotes a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement through oversight of assessment, accreditation, academic program quality, accountability and strategic planning functions.


  • Supporting university wide strategic planning and coordinating systematic monitoring of progress on strategic goals

  • Coordinating a system of university wide assessment and supporting the assessment activities of University assessment committees and academic and administrative units

  • Liaison activities with the University’s regional accreditor

  • Coordinating a systematic process of new program evaluation and approval

  • Coordinating a systematic process of assuring the quality of academic programs through the oversight and support of accreditation activities and academic program review.

  • Analyzing institutional and other data to support University planning, management, operation, evaluation and decision making.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness consists of the following offices:

Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
The Office of University Planning
The Office of Institutional Research  provides guidance and assistance in the Accreditation Process, Program Review Process and New Degree Program Process.
Organizational Structure of IE