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FAMU Sets New Standards in Hurricane Response Preparedness

Dear Readers,

In this edition of the National Exercise Division Quarterly Newsletter, we proudly feature Florida A&M University’s groundbreaking achievement as the first Historically Black College or University (HBCU) to receive support from the National Exercise Division. Their recent Hurricane Response Executive Tabletop Exercise showcased exceptional preparedness and collaboration.

The exercise identified critical areas for improvement in planning, response, and communication during natural disasters. FAMU plans to implement tailored training focused on communication, incident command, resources, and mass care.

Kudos to the Emergency Management Department, FEMA exercise facilitator, for orchestrating the most extensive emergency management exercise ever hosted. An impressive 94 percent of participants feel more prepared after the exercise.

FAMU’s commitment to resilience and inclusivity sets a remarkable example for others. Congratulations to Florida A&M University!

Stay prepared and stay safe,
Ashley Davis



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