Rattler Card

Florida A&M University's Rattler Card serves as your official ID card for campus services and privileges, and is a vital part of your daily life at FAMU.


The Most Important Card That You Will Have At FAMU!

Your Rattler Card is vital for accessing the various campus services that FAMU provides. These are the many ways your Rattler Cared is used:


• Identification Card • Library Card Usage
• Computer Lab Access • Accessing Meal Plans
• Rattler Bucks for Retail Dining Options • Secured Access to Certian Buildings On-campus
• Financial Aid Direct Deposit • On-Campus Gated Parking
• Athletic/ Sporting Events • On-Campus Events
• Student Health Services: Clinic / Pharmacy • Student Union / Fitness Center / Ticket Office
• Bookstore Purchases & Book Voucher Usage • Copying/Print Services & Postal Services



It is highly recommended that you carry your Rattler Card with you at all times!     


Rattler Card

What Can Your Rattler Card Do For You?

Get the best out of your Rattler Card with the below services!

Rattler Card Account

Access Rattler Card Account

Add funds, Requst a new card, and more!There is no charge for the initial card, but there is a $15.00 charge for a replacement card.
Manage Your Card!
Meal Plan

Meal Plan

A meal plan is required for residents of traditional residence halls. Students living in "apartment style" facilities are not required to buy a meal plan but may do so if they wish. Meal Plans are also availble for off-campus or "commuter" students.
Grab A Bite!
Meal Plan

Rattler Bucks

Some of our retail options on campus do not accept meal plans. However, "Rattler Bucks", added to the meal plan, can be used in the place of real cash so you can enjoy Chick-fil-A, Wing Stop, and more! 
Food Funds For You!
Photo ID

Rattler Card Photo Submission

We encourage all incoming students to submit a photo for their University ID card prior to arriving on campus, so their Rattler Card is ready to be picked up upon their arrival. 
Submit Photo!
Book Store

Request A Book Voucher!

Book voucher value is added to your Rattler Card to purchase books at the FAMU Bookstore (in-store and online)Students are encouraged to price books at the University Bookstore before requesting a book voucher.
Apply Now!
WellsFargo Banking

Wells Fargo

The Rattler Card can also serve as an ATM card. FAMU and Wells Fargo have teamed up to offer you optional added banking convenience with your linked Rattler Card.  
Link Your Card!

Contact Us

We encourage the university community to enjoy our services and provide any feedback to help simplify campus life. Enhancing the delivery of these services to our customers is our primary objective.
Meal Plan/Rattler Card Office
1510 Wahnish Way
Tallahassee, FL 32307
(850) 599-3090 (Main Office)
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