FAMU Fundamentals


Thank you for completing FAMU Fundamentals 2024.

The Offices of Compliance and Ethics, Equal Opportunity Programs, Campus Safety and Security, University Policy, Research Integrity and Animal Welfare, Information Technology Services, Emergency Management, and the Division of Audit serve all members of the University community, providing education and resources.

We have consolidated the links that you viewed in the training into this document. We've also added in some bonus resources you may find helpful.


Compliance and Ethics University Policy Awareness Rights, Respect, and Responsibilities Fraud and Internal Controls Emergency Management
Cyber Security Clery Foreign Influence Your Role Additional Resources: Foreign Influence




Your Role

At FAMU, we understand that compliance and ethics are not confined to the Office of Compliance and Ethics but are the responsibility of every employee, from the administrative staff to faculty members. Our approach to compliance and ethics is proactive and inclusive, recognizing that every decision and action contributes to the overall ethical climate of the university.

Employees at FAMU are encouraged to lead by example, demonstrating ethical behavior in their daily tasks and interactions. This leadership fosters a culture of trust and integrity that resonates throughout the campus. By adhering to established policies and regulations, employees ensure that FAMU not only meets but exceeds the legal and ethical standards expected of a leading educational institution.

The goal of FAMU Fundamentals is to provide you with resources and empower you in the workplace. While you navigate your daily responsibilities, this training serves as reminders that we hope you apply in your work every day.

Come into the workplace with these expectations of yourself and others to further our culture of compliance and ethical decision making at FAMU.

Give good feedback, receive good feedback. Act with integrity and honesty. Be passionate towards learning and developing. We want the best for our FAMU community!