Health Insurance

Deadline January 13

All FAMU students are required to have health insurance per University Regulation 2.033.  This regulation applies to student that are enrolled at least half-time (9 hours for undergraduates or 6 hours for graduate students) in a degree-seeing program.  Students that are strictly online, transient, non-degree-seeking, dual enrolled high school students, certificate students and less than part-time are exempt from this requirement. 

Students are required to provide proof of insurance coverage via an online waiver portal or purchase the university-sponsored health insurance plan.  Students that fail to provide documentation of insurance coverage through the online portal prior to the deadline (drop/add deadline) and students whose opt-out waivers are denied will be enrolled in the university-sponsored plan.  Charges for the insurance will be placed on the student account and the student will be responsible for payment. Student Health Services only accepts the university sponsored insurance plan. If you require service within the clinic but have another form of insurance, you may request a reimbursement form to submit to your health insurance provider. Please note that the clinic fee is billed to your account. 


If you already have health insurance coverage through a parent/guardian, spouse, employer or other means, you need to provide proof of this coverage and enter the information through the online waiver portal.  The deadline for applying for a waiver is the Friday of the first week of classes. This is also the course Add/Drop deadline.  You will need to have your current health insurance card available to complete the online submission. 

Waiver Portal is now OPEN to complete the insurance waiver for FALL 2020

***OPT OUT***

Once you get to the website ( click on the blue “Waiver Info” box.  Select the “Student Center” link on the page, then click on the blue box “Waive Coverage.”  Complete the information requested and upload a copy of your insurance card.

If you are a Graduate Assistant:

Domestic and International graduate students that have an assistantship for 10 or more hours weekly or have a University-approved fellowship are eligible for health insurance benefits.  You will need to apply for the insurance benefit each year that you have a valid contract to cover the time period.  For more information, email: or you call 850-561-2913.

Health Insurance 2022-2023 Overview


Term  Cost Coverage
Start Date
End Date
End Date


Annual $1,880 8/15/22 8/14/23 7/19/22 Aug 27*
Fall $716 8/15/22 12/31/22 7/19/22 Aug 27
Spring/Summer $1,164 1/1/23 8/14/23 12/19/22 Jan 20
Summer** $505 5/9/23 8/14/23 5/1/23 June 1

*Enrollment and Waiver deadline for College of Law is August 20, 2022

**The summer option is only available to new students enrolling in FAMU during a summer term

Dependent Coverage

Dependent Cost
Spouse $1.880
1 child $1,880
2 or more children $3,674
Spouse and 2 or more children $5,468


Preferred Provider Organization: UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus

Prescription Plan: UnitedHealthcare Pharmacy - OptumRx

Student Health Center (SHC)    $0
Preferred Provider    $l00
Non-Preferred Provider    $350

Out-of-Pocket Maximum: Preferred Provider: $6,850
Non-Preferred Provider: No maximum

Coinsurance Amount:
Preferred Provider: 80% of the Preferred Allowance (PA) for Covered Medical Expenses
Non-Preferred Provider: 60% of the Usual and Reasonable (U&R) charge for Covered Medical Expenses

The policy includes inpatient and outpatient services, diagnostic testing, substance abuse and mental health services and has a prescription benefit.  The plan includes access to 24/7 online/telehealth Doctor and Counselor services and global emergency services.  Student Assistance is another service that includes counseling, financial, legal advice and mediation.  Translation services are available in over 170 languages for most of these services.

Overview of Policy

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Access To Medical/Mental Health Care

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