Center for Disability Access & Resources

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The Center for Disability Access and Resources provide services and academic accommodations for students of all backgrounds on campus with documented physical, psychological and learning disabilities. Not only do we advocate for our participants, but we encourage them to become their own advocates as well. CeDAR collaborates with faculty, staff, and community partners to provide accommodations for the unique needs of students both in and out of the classroom.

Accessing Services

We empower our participants by being a Disability Resource Center. This function provides supportive services to students with disabilities to enhance their skills for personal, academic, and professional growth.

Requesting Your Academic Accommodations For Students

CeDAR uses an online accessible information management portal called AIM which allows students to apply for services, request accommodations, set up testing appointments and more. In order to get started, simply click on the image and your login will be the same as your FAMU email and password.

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AIM also allows professor to receive student accommodations directly via email once the student's accommodations have been approved by CeDAR, as well as showing up in the professor's home page. In addition, the system allows for instructor to specifically state the conditions for testing if the professor allows the student to use CeDAR as an alternative testing site and upload the exam directly to AIM for CeDAR staff to administer.

Resources for Students

CeDAR offers a host of different services to assist all students in navigating college while minimizing barriers to success.

Testing Services

The CeDAR Learning Assessment Center (LAC) provides low cost comprehensive educational assessments for individuals who may be experiencing scholastic difficulties due to a suspected learning disability or Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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Assistive Technology

Read and Write is a literacy software which can help boost the confidence of individuals when it comes to reading and writing. The software is user friendly and used to help breakdown information you are reading or processing to make it more understandable to the reader.  EquatIO is a mathematics accessibility tool which can enhance learning, academic career, and success in  your courses. You do not need to be proficient in math to get started! EquatIO allows users to create math equations, math formulas, and more. 

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Register for Services

In order to receive services through CeDAR, students will need to take the steps necessary to become a CeDAR participant. This will include filling out our an AIM online application, providing documentation from a medical provider for your disability, and an informational session with us to orient you to CeDAR.

Glean is a simpler, smarter solution for note taking support available for eligible CeDAR participants.  Using a web and mobile app students are empowered to take notes independently and improve learning outcomes. To learn more about Glean, click here


Information and applications for scholarship and other disability related awards are accessible online and from our office.

Student reading braille Financial assistance is available through the Theodore & Vivian Johnson Foundation

The Theodore & Vivian Johnson Scholarship is a competitively awarded program which is available to undergraduate students with disabilities who enroll in a State University of Florida Institution

Student in wheel chair studying with friend Together we will all be ABLE to overcome the struggle of disability

The Dr. Toni Jo Mason Scholarship is designed to serve as a lasting tribute to the vision, mission, life work, and example of Dr. Toni Jo Mason to overcome obstacles and th struggle experienced by people with disabilities.


Accessible Service Forms

Student needing to submit documentation for services may find the necessary forms below. If you are needing assisistance for a particular issue not found below, please contact our office directly 850-599-3180.

Disability Verification Forms should be uploaded to the AIM Online Portal.

If you are needing housing accommodations, please complete the form and email it to Ms.Johnson (

If you are needing mobility service, please complete the form and email it to Ms.Johnson (

Students registered with CeDAR who would like to file a complaint or grievance please review the documents below or call (850)599-3180.