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Student clubs and organizations at Florida A&M University have many resources to help aid in their success and longevity, from goal setting to Robert's Rules of Order to how to engage with their target audience.


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Member Transition Process    
Constitution & ByLaws Example Sample Constitution & Bylaws Learn how to write and organize your club/organization's constitution.
Robert's Rules of Order Robert's Rules of Order Quick Guide and Tips  Successfully run your meetings using parliamentary procedure.
SMART Goals     
Student Handbook    
FAMU Regulation 2.030 Student Activities. 2.030 Student Activities  
Event & Facility Request How To Submit a Request Watch our informative video on how to submit a facility/event request.
Register a New Club/Organization How To Register Go step-by-step and learn how to register your new club/organization.
Paper Facility Request Form Facility Request Form For Non-FAMU Departments, Clubs and Organization Use ONLY.