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About Me

My Journey as a Pharmacist
Frank S. Emanuel, B.S., Pharm, R.Ph., C.Ph., Pharm.D., FASHP
My journey began shortly after graduating from Florida A&M University School of Pharmacy. Upon receiving my internship license and waiting to take the state board examination, I worked as an Intern at a community drugstore in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a bustling store open from 8a.m. to 11p.m. seven days a week, employing five full-time pharmacists. We averaged filling 200-300 prescriptions a day. The pay was good, the hours long and brutal, and the weekends off were rare to non-existent. Having successfully passed my board exam and enduring that environment for six more months, I left retail pharmacy practice and decided to work in hospital pharmacy. The pay at that time was substantially less but I found this discipline challenging and more exciting. It also allowed me more time to spend with my family on weekends and holidays.

While working in the hospital setting, I was exposed to many practice areas. They included I.V. admixtures, total parental nutrition, various drug distribution systems, e.g., unit dose, automated dispensing machines,i.e., pyxis machines, and drug information systems.

I soon found a need to sharpen my clinical skills and later earned a post B.S., Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee. After returning to Jacksonville, I initiated the first clinical pharmacy program while rounding daily with a team of physicians and nurse practitioners at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. I established a drug information service and a TPN service within the pharmacy department.

Years later, I became the pharmacy director at a 125-bed hospital pharmacy. I was presented with numerous challenges of staffing, productivity issues and managing a pharmacy department budget for a staff of 8 pharmacists and 4 technicians. Additionally, we changed the drug distribution system to include Pyxis machines, a medication administration record (MAR) service, I.V. admixture service/TPN, Vancomycin and Aminoglycoside dosing. We also established the pharmacist as a member of the Cardiac Resuscitation Team (CRT).

One of the prerequisites for becoming a director of a pharmacy was securing a license to be a consultant pharmacist. I was fortunate to be in the cohort of Florida's first licensed consultant pharmacists. As a consultant pharmacist, I had the opportunity to provide services and care to more than 20 different Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facilities, and methadone clinics.

One of the most gratifying areas of pharmacy practice for me was entering academia and establishing a pharmacy practice center in Jacksonville, allowing students to gain practice experience in the various clinic, community pharmacy, and institutional pharmacy sites in the community. In the academic environment, I was able to establish a contractual agreement to manage and provide pharmacy services for the county health department. This also allowed us the ability to provide practice sites for all student pharmacists assigned to us in the Jacksonville area. After upgrading the county health department’s operation, we worked with another healthcare agency to develop a medication therapy management service, which additionally provided a source of revenue for our practice center and the University.

This brief snippet of my journey as a pharmacist is shared to drive the point that the practice of pharmacy can be vast and varied. It also speaks to how evolutionary the practice of pharmacy can be. Any student searching for a niche will not have far to look.

Areas of Interest

  • Watching western movies
  • Football/basketball fan
  • Academic pharmacy practice


  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
    University of Tennessee 1976
  • B.S. Pharm. cum laude
    Florida A&M University 1971

Work History

  • Division Director and Associate Professor 2006-Present
    Florida A&M University, Jacksonville, FL
  • Division Director and Assistant Professor 2001-2006
    Florida A&M University, Jacksonville, FL
  • Adjunct Instructor 1996-2000
    Florida A&M University, Jacksonville, FL
  • Director of Pharmacy Specialty Hospital 1990-2000
    Jacksonville, Fl

Academic Accomplishments

Served as the Director of the Northeast Florida Pharmacy Practice Center-Jacksonville and Associate Professor for the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health at Florida A & M University. Responsible for the development and sustainment of numerous and diverse projects to include community outreach programs that facilitate the improvement of health services in the Jacksonville community and to make them aware of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Received the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Florida A & M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee. During his varied career, he initiated the clinical pharmacy program at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and served as a consultant pharmacist for several nursing homes. He is currently the consultant pharmacist for River Region Human Services. He has been involved with teaching pharmacy students, nurses and other pharmacists. His teaching appointments have included: Adjunct Instructor/Continuing Education Program for Nurses at Florida Community College Jacksonville, Adjunct Instructor of Pharmacology, University of North Florida School of Nursing, and currently Florida A & M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Honored and selected in June 2000 as a fellow of the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (FASHP). Other professional affiliations include Board of Directors, Florida Society of Health System Pharmacists (1981-84); President of the Northeast Florida Society of Health System Pharmacists (1978-79); Contributing Editor-Florida Journal of Health System Pharmacists (1984-1989); and President of the Florida Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association, Jacksonville Chapter (1977-78).

Other accomplishments include being featured in the FAMU College of Pharmacy’s Gallery of Distinction, recognized by the FAMU-NAA as a Distinguished Alumnus in Health and Medicine, received the College of Pharmacy Dean’s Appreciation Award for outstanding accomplishments in our partnership with the Duval County Health Department, served two terms as National President of the National Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council, Inaugural President of the First Coast Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council, member of the North Florida HBCU Alumni Hall of Fame, received the Bob Hayes Invitational Track Meet Community Service Award and currently serves as the Parliamentarian for the J.R.E. Lee Chapter of the FAMU-NAA and the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health.

He Is a member of Ebenezer United Methodist Church where he serves as a Certified Lay Speaker and Chairman of the Leadership Council. He is also a life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

He served 20 years as a member and two years as Chairman of the HIV/AIDS Health Planning Council having been appointed by Jacksonville Mayors Austin, Delaney, Peyton and Brown. The Mayor’s Trail Blazer’s Award was presented by Mayor Alvin Brown to Dr. Emanuel in 2015.


  • Special Problems in Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy Seminar and Research Methods, I, II, III

Courses Taught At FAMU

  •  PHC 6411 Social Marketing
  •  PHC 6419 Principles of Global Health
  •  PHC 6444 Community Organizing and Public Health
  • PHC 7714 Public Health Leadership Seminar
  • PHC 6910 Public Health Practice I
  •  PHC 7911 Public Health Practice II

More Information

  • American Society of Health Systems Pharmacy (FASHP)
  • American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  • National Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council FAMU
  • Florida A&M University National Alumni Association FAMU-NAA (Life Member)
  • JRE Chapter FAMU-NAA Jacksonville, Fl (Parliamentarian)
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (Life member)