Andrew K. Rasmussen

Andrew K Rasmussen

Assistant Professor, Research
Dean, Cesta

About Me

Dr. Andrew K. Rasmussen is a Research Assistant Professor of aquatic entomology in the Center for Water Resources. His research interests include aquatic insect taxonomy, biological assessment and monitoring of water quality, and conservation of aquatic insect biodiversity. Dr. Rasmussen’s work on the diversity of Trichoptera (caddisflies) has documented many species new to science. The aquatic insect specimens collected through his research projects in Florida and neighboring states are housed within the aquatic insect collection at FAMU. On a larger scale, Dr. Rasmussen documents caddisfly biodiversity across North America on a web-based informational resource Trichoptera Nearctica (, which includes a distributional checklist of all caddisfly species known to occur in Canada and the United States. His research has been funded through contracts and grants procured from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, US Department of Agriculture, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Dr. Rasmussen has taught courses in aquatic entomology, general entomology, insect ecology, and conservation biology. Within his areas of expertise, he enjoys training undergraduate students and graduate students at the Masters and Ph.D. level.

Areas of Interest

  • Aquatic Entomology
  • Systematics of Trichoptera (Caddisflies)
  • Bioassessment of Aquatic Ecosystem Health


  • Entomologys, Ph.D. • 2004
    University of Florida / Florida A&M University
  • Science Education/M.Ed. • 1988
    University of Florida
  • Water Resources/Biology/B.S. • 1987
    University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point



  • 2020-2023. Watershed Modeling Using Aquatic Indicator Species to Evaluate Ecological Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change. USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 1890s Institution Capacity Building Grant Project 1021805. $299,131.