TRIO Programs


TRIO is a set of programs that have been instituted among campuses across America (in over 1,000 institutions) to aid first-generation, disabled, or lower-income students with and throughout their collegiate careers. Through their provision of resources (labs, tutors, courses, counseling, etc.), TRIO programs seek to ease a student’s transition into collegiate life, and aid in increasing retention among the students served by the program.

Upon their originations, TRIO programs were the first retention programs of their kind to be instituted on a college campus. The unique angle TRIO programs took in attacking social, cultural, and economic problems in education made it a huge success. Not long after its origination in 1964 (the Upward Bound program), TRIO being seen on campuses across America, and has since grown from only one program, to eight, with the last program (the TRIO Dissemination Partnership) being formed in 1998 (COE).