Minor in Electronic Eng. Technology

Electronic Engineering Technology
The Electronic Engineering Technology degree program offers a curriculum that focuses on electrical and electronic devices, circuits, systems, and microprocessor with emphasis on applications, and hands-on experience. The field of electronic engineering technology is the largest engineering technology discipline as it is critical in today's high technology growth industries such as, wireless communications, computer networking, RF circuits and systems.

EET has introduced course in robotics and PLC (Programming Logic Controller). Through the EET program, students are trained to work in various areas, such as electronic communications, digital systems and computing, automatic control systems and robotics, audio and video systems, and medical electronics. Most courses have a required laboratory component in which skills in the use of computers for problems solving, application and use of modem electronic test equipment and microprocessors are developed.

Students completing the four-year program receive a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. Graduates of the Electronic Engineering Technology program can find employment in the development and testing of new communication devices; designing specialized electronics; supervision of the manufacturing of the electronic devices; the field of instrumentation and automation; and the computing industry as hardware or software technologists. Furthermore, graduates of the program are equipped to pursue graduate studies in such fields as Engineering, Engineering Technology, Computer Science and Management.


Minor in Electronic Engineering Technology CurriculumTitle (19 Hours)

CET 2356 C-Programming Engineering Technology      3
EET 2150 Electronic Devices & Circuits I w/lab               5
EET 2035 Electrical Fundamentals I w/lab                      4
EGS 1000 Introduction to Engineering Technology        1
EET 2036 Electrical Fundamentals II w/lab                     4
ETI 4617 Principles of Engineering Economy                  2



Division of Engineering Technology Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
Alif Khawand Instructor alif.khawand@famu.edu (850) 599-3244
Chao Li Associate Professor & Engineering Technology Program Coordinator chao.li@famu.edu (850) 599-8645
Tejal Mulay Visiting Assistant Professor tejal.udhan@famu.edu (850) 599-3244
Leon Prosper Instructor leon.prosper@famu.edu (850) 599-8636



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