Post-Masters Certificate - APN - WHNP



Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Curriculum Plans



    Credit Hours
The following two courses are waived based on earned master’s degree in nursing:
NGR 5110-DL Theory Application and Advanced Role Development in Nursing 3
NGR 5810-DL Research Methods and Evidence-based Practice 3
Total 6

NGR 5742-DL Role of APN in Health Promotion /Disease Prevention 3
NGR 6891-DL Health Policy and Nursing 3
APRN Core Courses
NGR 5003C-DL Advanced Health Assessment Theory 3
NGR 5003L-DL Advanced Health Assessment Practicum 1
NGR 5141-DL Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NGR 5172-DL Advanced Pharmacology 3
  Total 10

Note: Students can earn up to 22 credits from previous master’s program based on grade of “B” or better and within the past five years for courses listed above.


The following courses must be taken at FAMU
(PMC Courses)


Population Foci Courses
NGR 5342-DL Clinical Management of Women 2
NGR 5342L-DL Clinical Management of Women Practicum 1
NGR 6345-DL Advanced Women’s Health Theory I 3
NGR 6345L-DL Advanced Women’s Health Practicum I 3
NGR 6347-DL Advanced Women’s Health Theory II 3
NGR 6347L-DL Advanced Women’s Health Practicum II 3
NGR 6700-DL APRN Synthesis Seminar 2
NGR 6291-DL Special Issues Across the Adult Life Span 3
Total 20

Total Curriculum


**Curriculum maps for Non-APN and APN Applicants will be individually developed based on accepted credits.

Effective Fall 2023