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Thank you for considering a leadership role within the Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association (SGA).

As we begin the 2023-2024 academic school year, we cannot help but reflect on the tremendous work SGA has done for the student body. We have focused on endeavors that are student-centered to ensure an incomparable student experience. Completed applications should be emailed to If you have any questions please contact the SGA President Londe Mondelus via email at Thank you!

Judicial Branch Positions

Judicial Branch Open Positions AVAILABLE NOW!

Judicial Branch Employment Application 2023-2024

Klarissa Appiah | 2023-2024 - SGA Chief Justice

Executive Branch Positions

Executive Branch Employment Application

2023 Homecoming Student Steering Committee Application

Londe Mondelus | 2023-2024 SGA President

Jefferey Francis | 2023-2024 SGA Vice President

Legislative Branch Positions

Senate Employment Application

Student Government Branches


A Message From Your SGA President and Vice-President

Student Government Association | Executive Branch


Memorandum 01 05.29.20

Memorandum 02 06.10.20

Executive Orders

Executive Order 001 06.11.20

SGA President University Reports

Executive Branch Meeting Agendas

Executive Branch Meeting Minutes


A Message from Your Senate President & Senate President Pro-Tempore


A Message from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Fall 2023 Supreme Court Meeting Minutes

August Agenda & Minutes

September Agenda & Minutes

October Agenda & Minutes

November Agenda & Minutes

December Agenda & Minutes

SPRING 2024 Supreme Court Meeting AGENDA & Minutes

January Agenda & Minutes

February Agenda & Minutes

March Agenda & Minutes

April Agenda & Minutes

May Agenda & Minutes

June Agenda & Minutes

SPRING 2024 Supreme Court Meeting AGENDA & Minutes