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SGA Employment

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Thank you for considering a leadership role within the Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association (SGA). As we begin the 2022-2023 academic school year, we cannot help but reflect on the tremendous work SGA has done for the student body. We have focused on endeavors that are student-centered to ensure an incomparable student experience. Completed applications should be emailed to If you have any questions please contact the SGA President Carrington Whigham via email at Thank you!

Judicial Branch Positions

Judicial Branch Employment Application

Devan Vilfrard | 2022-2023 Acting SGA Chief Justice

Executive Branch Positions

Executive Branch Employment Application

2022 Homecoming Student Steering Committee Positions

2022 Homecoming Student Steering Committee Application

Zachary Bell | 2022-2023 SGA President-Elect

Makira Burns | 2022-2023 SGA Vice President-Elect

Legislative Branch Positions

Activity & Service Liaison Application

Senate Employment Application

Student Government Branches


A Message From Your SGA President and Vice-President

A new decade has arrived and the McClinton-Whigham Administration would like to extend the warmest welcome to all of the incoming and returning Rattlers to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Established on October 3, 1887, FAMU is the highest ranking public HBCU and without a doubt the best historically black college and university in the nation. Located in Florida’s Capitol City, sitting on the highest of seven hills, with top ranked students from around the country, and having nearly 200 registered organizations focusing on cultural awareness, community  service, publications, and  academics, our university consists of 14 colleges and schools that adequately prepare our students to be trailblazers in their respective fields of study. We have an extensive network of faculty, staff, and alumni who are ready to support and guide Rattlers on their four-year matriculation. Additionally, the Student Government Association (SGA) is here to put FAMU FIRST to provide an incomparable experience here at FAMU. Established in 1959, the Student Government Association has produced outstanding leaders, fostering our nation’s future luminaries. Since its inception, its focal objective remains synonymous with our motto “to uphold student processes and defend student rights.” The McClinton-Whigham Administration is truly excited to contribute to this indelible legacy of leadership. Our system of government is full of capable student leaders who strive to uphold a standard of enriching the student experience both in and out of the classroom. We are dedicated to our respective roles and stand on common ground to address campus-wide concerns. We believe that our actions and decisions should take on a delegate role, matching the desires of our constituents. We encourage the student body to engage every facet of the student processes by attending SGA meetings, functions, and initiate an open dialogue with student leadership. This avenue of interaction is conducive to a campus environment that promotes growth and intellectual progress. Ultimately, the vision of the McClinton-Whigham Administration is to continue to exemplify SGA’s motto of “Leadership and Service” and to reassure the FAMU community that our expectations do not stray far from that motto. We promised to focus on Advocacy, Campus Safety, Technology, Eco-Friendliness, and Student Life and to make significant improvements to each of these areas and many others. These objectives and priorities are essential elements to the formula for student success. As students, we are ultimately the most important stakeholders of this institution and this administration will never minimize the power of the student voice. This can only be accomplished when we all put aside our differences and put FAMU First as we strike together from the top! 

Rattler Regards,

Xavier McClinton | 69th Student Body President and University Trustee

Carrington Whigham | Student Body Vice-President

Student Government Association | Executive Branch


Memorandum 01 05.29.20

Memorandum 02 06.10.20


Executive Orders

Executive Order 001 06.11.20


SGA President University Reports


Executive Branch Meeting Agendas


Executive Branch Meeting Minutes


A Message from Your Senate President & Senate President Pro-Tempore

Greetings Rattlers,

Welcome to the 50th Student Senate Session. As your Student Senate President and Student Senate Pro-Tempore, we would like to welcome you with open arms to your legislative branch and leaders. We pride ourselves in putting the student body first and ensuring everything we do is with YOU in mind. We would not have had it any other way at our illustrious University. As your Student Senators we not only allocate funds to several entities on campus but to our hardworking student organizations as well. As your legislators on the hill, we encourage you to voice your concerns and communicate with us on a daily basis so we can be the proper voice the student body needs and deserves. Senate meetings are every Monday at 6:00 p.m. in our Efferson Student Union Senate Chambers located near the set. While we serve you for the 2020-2021 academic year we will hold ourselves to the high standard of being critical thinkers, dedicated workers, and committed servant leaders. Again, we welcome you to the 50th Student Senate Session and look forward to working WITH each and every one of you! 

Shanel Brown, 50th Student Senate President

Marcus Thomas, 50th Student Senate Pro-Tempore