Address: 1735 Wahnish Way, Suite 305, Tallahassee, FL 32307
Phone: 850.599.3651
Fax: 850.561.2620

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Name Position Office Number eMail Address
Dr. Jennifer Wilder Director 850-599-3651
Vacant Associate Director 850-599-3651  
Andre Stroman, Jr Adminstrative Assistant 850-599-3971
Business Operations      
Brittany Parker Business Manager 850-412-7420
Alison Armstrong Program Assistant -Budget 850-599-3974
Jennifer Fountain Coordinator, Conferences & Guest Services 850-599-8121
Keith Ward Office Assistant - Operations    
Marketing & Communications      
Fidel Benton Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications 850-561-2663
Ernest Nelfrard Digital & Media Artist 850-412-6646 Ernest.Nelfrard@FAMU.EDU
Information Technology      
Cheyenne Lamb Assistant Director, Information & Technology 850-599-8182
Antwonne McCloud Computer Support Specalist 850-561-2728
Applications & Assignments      
CaSonia Martin Assistant Director, Applications & Billing 850-599-8123
Shacondra Denson Program Assistant 850-599-3652
Miriam Franklin Program Assistant 850-599-3669
Allysan McGill Program Assistant 850-599-8598
Cierra Thomas Office Assistant 850-599-3992
Michelle Beverly Gibbs Office Assistant 850-599-3651
Residence Education Residential Location Office Number  
Herbert Johnson Assistant Director, Student Learning & Success 850-599-8850
Dr. Terrence Turner Assistant Director, Student Leadership & Staff Recruitment 850-599-3780
Kalea Jackson Residence Education Coordinator 850-412-7309
Taylor Hunter

Community Standards Coordindator
LaKechia Eiland Residential Desk Supervisor Cell: 850-728-5530
Ella Knight Coordinator of Facilities 850-412-6564
    Front Desk  
Traevon Cooper Resident Director, FAMU Village East 850-599-8244
James Lawson Resident Director, FAMU VIllage West 850-599-8251
Jairus Williams Resident Director, Sampson/Young 850-412-6554
Nia Hall Resident Director, FAMU Towers North 850-412-7340
Darnell Houck Resident Director, FAMU Towers South 850-412-7666
Da'Monta Wiggins Resident Director, Palmetto South 850-561-2900
Taylor Johnson Resident Director, Phase III 850-599-8802
Facilities & Custodial      
Cynthia West Custodial Superintendent 850-412-7109
Vacant Senior Custodial    
Bobby Reed Maintenance Superintendent 850-599-8032  
Marvin Johnson Clerk 850-561-2069
Dale Howard Carpentry 850-412-7104  
Steve McGhee Carpentry/Locksmith 850-412-7104  
Nachardo Thompson Locksmith 850-412-7104  
Alvin Johnson Electrician 850-412-7104  
Robert Degagne Maintenance 850-412-7104  
Willie Jones Maintenance 850-412-7104  
Jesse Warren Maintenance 850-412-7104  
Garrett Anderson Maintenance 850-412-7104  
Larry Tucker Plumbing 850-412-7104  
O'Terrian Wilson AC/Heating 850-412-7104