2022-2023 FAMU Living-Learning Community Program

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

2022-2023 FAMU Living-Learning Community Program

The application deadline date for the 2022-2023 FAMU Living-Learning Community (LLC) Program is May 1, 2022.  Applications are currently being accepted in the following major areas:  Allied Health Sciences, Agriculture & Food Sciences, Architecture & Engineering Technology, Business, Journalism & Graphic Communication, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Science & Technology, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Leadership & Service, and the Provost's Leadership LLC (all majors; university scholars only).  Incoming freshmen students who share common academic interests will live together in Polkinghorne Village (Business, Engineering, and Science & Technology LLCs) or FAMU Towers (all other LLCs) and interact with faculty in both residential and classroom settings.  The LLC program provides incoming freshmen students with unique opportunities for faculty engagement, active learning, and collaboration with peers.  Students will also participate in focused out-of-class learning experiences such as study groups, seminars/workshops, community service projects, career exploration and development, mentoring, leadership development, research, global education, and cultural and social activities.  Incoming freshmen who have already been admitted to the University are encouraged to apply for one of the LLC options via the Housing application process.

  *   To Apply for the LLC Program, visit www.famu.edu/housing (click on "Housing")
  *   Questions?  Contact Dr. Brenda C. Spencer, Director, FAMU Living-Learning Community (LLC) Program (Brenda.Spencer@famu.edu or (850) 412-5790)