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Florida A&M University has authorized Credentials Solutions to accept online official transcript orders from our students and alumni 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Transcripts can be sent electronically or mailed in hard copy, depending on the receiving institution or destination.

Academic transcripts provide a complete picture of a student's academic record. Transcripts are used to verify education for professional employment opportunities, institution transfer procedures, and other credential verification. Whatever the case may be, we at FAMU want reciving your official transcript to be worry and stress free.

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PLEASE NOTE: 1) All outstanding financial obligations to Florida A&M University must be satisfied before your transcript can be released. You may contact Student Financials services at (850) 561-2950. 2) To avoid delay, enter accurate student information

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When you have successfully entered your order, you will see a screen with a title of "Order Accepted for Processing". This screen will state that your transcript order has been accepted and will provide you with a 9-character order number that you should retain in case you need to contact us about your order.

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You will need your order number and either your Social Security or Student ID number in order to proceed. Many of our email messages will also contain a direct link to our Self-ServicePlus™ web application. Simply click the link in the email and you will be shown the status of your order.


More Help

Please contact Credentials Solutions for any question about transcript ordering problems.

Please contact Credentials Solutions for any question about transcript ordering problems.

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The Transcript Order Processing Services that we offer are performed under an out-sourcing contract to the schools that we serve. As such, we are acting as an extension of the Records/Registrar's Office at each school. In our capacity as an agent for the school we must follow each individual school's policy concerning refunds of charges for transcript orders.

If you feel that there has been some error in the handling of your transcript order, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-847-716-3005 and discuss the problem with one of our representatives. Our representative will provide you with the specific policy of the school from which you ordered your transcript(s). In general, most schools consider each request for a refund on a case-by-case basis and are happy to process a valid refund request.

The following are typically considered legitimate reasons for a refund:

  • You paid for Fedex/UPS/ExpressMail/DHL shipping and the school sent it via first-class mail. NOTE: No refund will be given if the school originally shipped your transcript via Fedex/UPS/ExpressMail/DHL and the shipment was returned to the school because you provided an incorrect address or the recipient was not present to sign for the delivery. When this happens, most schools send the transcript via first-class mail just to make sure it gets delivered.
  • You paid for "rush" service and the school did not complete the processing within their stated time frame. PLEASE NOTE: Just because you choose Fedex, UPS, etc., it does not necessarily mean you have chosen "Rush" service. These express shipping services only determine how long it will take to deliver your transcript once your order has been completed. It does not mean the school is hurrying to complete your order. Each institution has its own specific policies so please read carefully and do not assume anything. If you are unsure call our Customer Service department at 847-716-3005 for assistance before placing your order.

The following are generally not considered legitimate reasons for a refund:

  • You provided an incorrect or incomplete address for delivery of the transcript
    (Note..for most schools we have implemented a very high level of automation in transcript processing and your order could possibly be printed and ready for mailing in as little as 2 minutes from the time it was submitted.   This means that an incorrect address can have a significant effect on the delivery of your order.   If you realize there are errors in the information you provided, please try to contact our Customer Service department immediately and we will tell you whether or not we can get the information corrected with the school.)
  • You failed to correctly indicate "Hold for Grades" or "Hold for Degree" on your order and the transcript was sent out immediately
  • The information shown on your transcript is not what you expected
  • You contend that the receiving school can not confirm that they received your transcript and you want another copy sent (Most schools have a minimum waiting time after a transcript is initially sent before they will send a replacement transcript. This waiting time is typically at least 15 days. There are a few schools that will not send replacement transcripts at all and require that you re-order and pay again to have transcripts re-sent, i.e. they processed your order as requested and once it is in the hands of the US Post Office, it is not their fault.)

    Our Customer Service department can be reached at (847) 716-3005 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST/CDT Monday-Thursday and 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST/CDT on Friday.

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