Industry Cluster

Florida A&M University


  • The Industry Cluster Program is the President’s advisory group of corporate executives across diverse market sectors that works to build effective win-win relationships that are mutually beneficial for FAMU, our students, faculty, and community as well as our corporate partners.
  • Cluster is an effective means for corporations to fulfill their commitment to higher education and global competitiveness by working with and hiring highly qualified graduates who are preparing to be global leaders and change agents in while serving as champions and advocates for FAMU.
  • The Program enables effective lines of communication with campus leadership that support curricula alignment with industry standards and requirements through strategic engagement activities for the continued production of our highly qualified, industry-ready talent pool while promoting the company’s brand across all the campus.
  • Cluster partners commit to providing significant scholarship, programmatic, and student support donations annually.



 Audrey Simmons Smith
 Director of Development and Corporate Relations