University Advancement Giving Opportunities

Make a difference and support FAMU through various giving opportunities, including annual donations, endowments, planned gifts, and corporate partnerships.

FAMU Giving

The giving opportunities below provide you with a selection of choices to support Florida A&M University (FAMU). You could choose to give to the University annually, make a large gift or pledge to the University to help grow the endowment, or develop a planned gift that combines several giving opportunities that not only enables you to maximize your gift, but it helps the University plan for the future and at the same time provide for current needs. Many of the giving opportunities below can be established and named according to your interests, circumstances and philanthropic goals.

FAMU Giving
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The staff of the Office of University Advancement is available to answer your questions, assist you in selecting the specific opportunities that suit your interests, and help you through the giving process. 



Cryptocurrency Giving

Unlock the power of digital currency to make a difference. Your cryptocurrency gift to Florida A&M University (FAMU) fuels innovation, empowers students, and sustains our commitment to excellence. Join us in shaping the future of education with your contribution.

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another digital asset, your donation supports FAMU’s mission. By embracing the evolving landscape of finance, you become a catalyst for change in higher education.

Together, we’re pioneering a new era of philanthropy.

Your Crypto Gift


Matching Gifts

Companies with ‘employee matching gift’ programs will match your donation to FAMU with an equal or greater amount. This means you can double the impact of your donation by requesting a matching gift from your employer.

Matching Gifts

Annual Giving

FAMU’s annual giving program is a year-round initiative aimed at gathering funds for essential areas and operational needs. It is a critical component of FAMU’s private support program.

Designating your annual donation as unrestricted ensures it has the most significant impact, as this flexibility allows us to allocate the annual funds for functions, as intended, in areas of greatest need and other operational purposes. 

You may receive yearly mailings or phone calls from your preferred academic unit or program, reminding you about FAMU’s annual fund tradition.

Make Your Annual Contribution


Corporate & Foundation Gifts

The Office of University Advancement works hard to build relationships between the University and private organizations.

If you are looking to engage the University in any way, we would love to show how we can create a philanthropic program that aligns with your business objectives and increase your company’s visibility campus-wide. Please get in touch with us today!

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Endowed Funds

Endowed funds are established with a predetermined amount of funds, which is then invested, ensuring that it remains available indefinitely. The returns generated from these investments are utilized to support the interests of the donor.

At FAMU, there are various options for establishing endowed funds, including: 

  • general endowment fund, 
  • scholarship funds, 
  • funds for buildings and their components,
  • and special initiative funds.  

The minimum contribution required to create an endowment is $25,000, and the payout terms are determined annually by the FAMU Foundation Board of Directors.

When establishing an endowed fund, you have the option to either:

  • Restrict an endowed fund by naming it, aligning it with a special/ particular interest, or both. or,
  • Unrestrict the funds, allowing FAMU to allocate them where they are most needed.

We invite you to reach out to the development staff in the Office of University Advancement to discuss the financial requirements and process for establishing an endowed fund.

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Faculty & Staff Giving

As an employee of Florida A&M University, your role as a primary advocate of FAMU is crucial to the university’s success.

When you give back, you demonstrate your dedication, love, support, and belief in FAMU’s mission, culture, and commitment to excellence.

All gifts, regardless of amount, help advance the university’s objectives. You are encouraged to contribute to any fund that resonates with you. 

Support the University


FAMU Car Tags

If you are a Florida resident, you can support Florida A&M University by getting your hands on a FAMU specialty license plate from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

These personalized plates are available for both cars and motorcycles, and you can customize them with a message that speaks to you! Add a touch of personal flair, with up to seven (7) characters for cars and six characters for motorcycles. You can make your plate truly your own with a personal message, your initials, or anything else that reflects your style.

Ready to drive with Rattler pride? Reach out to your local DMV for more information.

Florida License Plate Information Florida DMV Offices

Planned Gifts

Leave a lasting legacy by including Florida A&M University (FAMU) in your personal will or trust. 

Your generosity will support future generations of students and contribute to the growth and success of our institution, ensuring our continued ability to educate, inspire, and empower future leaders.

Planning your gift is made simple with FreeWill, an online tool that walks you through the process of creating a legally binding will in just 20 minutes. Whether you use it as a standalone resource or to organize your wishes before consulting an attorney, FreeWill ensures your intentions are clear and legally sound.

Thank you for considering us in your legacy planning.

Plan Your Legacy with FAMU |

Outside Bequest 

Have you already designated a gift to FAMU in your will or trust? Please take a moment to complete this form so we can express our gratitude for your enduring support and ensure our records are accurate and up-to-date!

Give From Your IRA

If you are 70.5 years old or older and have a traditional IRA, you can utilize the secure online tool provided byFreeWillto donate directly from your IRA account.

Typically, IRA donations are not considered taxable income. If you are required to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) this year, donating from your IRA is a compassionate way to fulfill it.

With the ‘FreeWill’ online tool, you can quickly learn more and complete the necessary forms with your IRA custodian or print them out for offline completion.

Give from your IRA |

Non-Probate Assets

Do you have an IRA, 401(k), life insurance policy, or other assets or belongings not included or mentioned in your will? If you do, these are referred to as non-probate assets, and you need to plan and arrange beneficiaries for them separately. 

Utilize the online tool provided byFreeWillto establish your plans and designate us as a beneficiary for one or more of these assets.

Plan Your Beneficiaries |

Gift of Stock

Donating stocks allows you to avoid the capital gains tax, and if you itemize deductions, you can also take a charitable deduction for the entire donation amount. We’ve invested in a secure online tool by ‘FreeWill,’ enabling you to donate your appreciated assets in 10 minutes. Learn more and get started.
Donate Stock Today |

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are usually endowed. You can establish a lasting tribute to yourself, a loved one, or the lifetime achievement of an outstanding individual. 

You can establish a named fund within various giving opportunities at FAMU. Among the most favored naming options are donations towards scholarships, faculty assistance, fellowships, lectureships, programs, cutting-edge research, building projects, maintenance, renovations, and the enhancement of physical spaces like lobbies, gardens, grounds, and walkways.

The 21st Century Brick Campaign

Join the FAMU 21st Century Brick Campaign to secure a spot in the heart of the university’s central courtyard. This is an excellent opportunity to honor someone special or to commemorate your personal connection to FAMU.

Your 4 “x 8” brick will be prominently placed between Lee Hall and Samuel H. Coleman Memorial Library. There are two options for placement:

  1. Lee Hall Entrance: Located at the entrance of Lee Hall, this premium space features 12 diamond-shaped cuts, each housing 55 bricks. Secure your spot here with a donation.
  2. 21st Century Walkway: Extending from Lee Hall to Coleman Library, this walkway surrounds the Eternal Flame. For a donation, your brick will find its place along this prominent pathway.

Reach out to us for more details! 

Secure Your Spot | 21st Century Brick



The Memory Lane Walkways

Commemorate your time in the residence halls of Cropper, Diamond, McGuinn, Wheatley, Paddyfote, Palmetto, Gibbs, Sampson, Young, Polkinghorne Village, or Truth with a commemorative brick while supporting student scholarships and other University initiatives. The new amphitheater has four pathways that will honor the residence halls of FAMU.

As students walk these pathways, we want them to see the names of those who helped pave the way for their educational experience. When you and your loved ones return to the "Hill," we want you all to take a trip down your "Memory Lane" and reminisce about your fondest memories (e.g., meeting your spouse, hanging out with your friends, attending parties, watching probate shows, etc.).

Reach out to us for more details!

Secure Your Spot | Memory Lane Walkway

FAMU Libraries Endowed Gifts Program

The FAMU Libraries consist of the Samuel H. Coleman Memorial Library and three branch libraries: the Science and Research Center Library, the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication Resources Center, and the School of Architecture Library. They also support the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Reading Room and the FAMU Developmental Research School.

By contributing to the Endowed Gifts Program, either through creating an endowed gift, a named gift, or adding to the Libraries Endowed Fund, you will ensure that the library remains a permanent and vital source of comprehensive resources for future generations of students.

Your support will enable the library to acquire the necessary resources to strengthen and enhance teaching across undergraduate and graduate programs, with an emphasis on international education. Additionally, your donations will improve facilities, upgrade electronic library services and maintenance technology, and preserve library materials throughout the FAMU Libraries system.

Please contact the ‘Office of University Advancement’ to learn more about supporting the 'FAMU libraries' systems.

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