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Student Learning Outcomes Status Report

Submitted to the Florida Board of Governors

2019 ALC Status Report

2018 ALC Status Report

2017 ALC Status Report

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The Florida Board of Governors, in articulating the importance of student achievement in its strategic planning and accountability processes, expects all institutions to report on the progress of state-mandated academic learning compacts, which are baccalaureate degree programs for all universities in the State University System of Florida. These compacts are required to determine the expected student learning outcomes for baccalaureate program graduates in:

  • content/discipline knowledge and skills.
  • communication skills.
  • critical thinking skills.

Compact documentation and the related results at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University are based upon the University’s assessment planning and implementation model. The compacts document the expected learning outcomes to be achieved by every student matriculating through their program. Periodic measurements of the extent to which student learning has taken place are accomplished by the use of tools, products of student work and other course-embedded measures.

The Board of Governors says each program should have an assessment plan. If the programs have specializations that take students in different directions for their advanced work, those programs may need to have an assessment plan that corresponds to each specialization to make things easier to track.

FAMU must construct clearly defined policies and procedures (aligned with system policies and including elements required in policy guidelines) for developing, implementing and reviewing academic learning compacts and associated activities. A copy of the University’s policies and procedures regarding the compacts is on file in the Office of the Board of Governors.