Compliance and Ethics Week


Compliance and Ethics Week Goals


Learn, Share, Network

To offer opportunities for participants to learn about the compliance and ethics program, trends, and share best practices


Deliver an Excellent Experience

To deliver an organized and impactful experience that meets the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders


Boost Engagement at Each Event

To raise awareness and boost engagement before, during, and after Compliance and Ethics Week


Compliance and Ethics Week 2023 with Rica Calhoun


Compliance and Ethics Week 2023 Schedule

Compliance and Ethics Week 2023 Takeaways

  • Workshop
  • Rica Calhoun and La’Tonya Baker taught participants about the compliance and ethics program at FAMU and provided tools for ethical decision-making and reducing the compliance burden in University unit.
  • The Workshop was a hybrid event, hosting participants in person and on zoom.
  • The Code of Conduct was distributed by direct email. Guides were provided regarding “Reducing the Compliance Burden” and “Ethical Decision-Making.
  • Panel Discussions & Activities
  • The Offices of Compliance and Ethics, Equal ​Opportunity Programs, and Athletics Compliance ​presented on a panel about their offices and ​answered audience questions.
  • The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs hosted ​“Consent Karaoke” in partnership with the ​University’s Victim Advocate and the WAR student ​group.
  • Compliance Briefs were deployed during the week ​via emails. These short trainings covered strategies ​for managers to avoid and address retaliation as well ​as discrimination and harassment.
  • Games included Compliance Bingo and Compliance ​Jeopardy. Winners were identified for prizes, ​including gift cards and Compliance Challenge ​Coins.


23-24 At a Glance


FAMU Fundamentals

  • Mandatory training for University employees to promote adherence to regulatory requirements, ethical standards, and university policies.

BOT Training

  • BOT compliance training available until December 31, 2023.

Embedded Trainings

  • Participating in planned trainings from Compliance Partners.

Micro-learning opportunities

  • Short trainings on relevant compliance topics

High-Risk Monitoring

  • Foreign Influence
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Athletics Compliance
  • Research
  • Privacy
  • Evolving legislation
  • Band
  • Health and Safety


 Enterprise Compliance Committee

  • Compliance partners
  • Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring


  • Policy review and revision, as appropriate
  • Training and outreach focus

Enhancing compliance measures

  • Strengthen existing compliance framework
  • Implement proactive measures.

Continuous Improvement

  • Conducting regular assessments and reviews to identify areas for improvement.
  • Seeking feedback from the university community to enhance our programs and initiatives.



Compliance and Ethics Week Winners