Master of Applied Social Science (Online)


About This Program

The Master of Applied Social Sciences is designed to develop the next generation of dynamic leaders in fields such as, criminal justice, global security & international affairs, and public administration. 


Key Benefits of a FAMU Online M.A.S.S.

The unique feature of this applied, interdisciplinary program is its flexibility and duration. This one-year program builds upon a required core of three courses (9 semester hours), so the student, in consultation with an advisor, may design the remainder of the program to address his/her own unique interests. The degree is designed for those who wish to pursue further graduate work in the social sciences and for those who wish to work immediately following completion of the M.A.S.S. degree.

For the full-time student, the course of study will likely span two semesters plus one summer, totaling 33 hours.

Students take six courses (18 hours) in their subject area concentration. Courses may be selected from one of the following disciplines:

  • Public Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Global Security and International Affairs

To conclude the program of study, all students will take either an internship or the thesis option, for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. program.

Graduates are well prepared for careers in government, corporate, and non-profits, including but not limited to law, policy, intelligence, business, education, media, and international affairs. 



The M.A.S.S. Program seeks diligent, serious, and hardworking students with a broad range of experiences, strong commitment to academic excellence and commitment to public service. Interested candidates should also meet the following requirements: 

  • Hold a bachelor's degree earned from an accredited college or university.
  • Demonstrate academic potential: (a) cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in upper-division coursework completed for the baccalaureate degree (and submit a GRE or GMAT score).

Those students whose undergraduate degrees are in areas outside their chosen area of concentration may be required to take designated undergraduate courses to prepare them for entrance into the M.A.S.S. program. 

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