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The mission of the School of Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR) is to work collaboratively with all academic units to educate and train future scholars, teachers, researchers and professionals, and to produce knowledge and research in the fields and areas in which they will work.  To carry out this mission, the SGSR serves as the chief academic advocate for graduate education at FAMU, and is responsible for:
  • Recruiting, enrolling and retaining domestic and international students;
  • Ensuring a well facilitated graduate admission process;
  • Managing graduate tuition waivers, fellowships,  assistantships and scholarships;
  • Working with graduate student organizations;
  • Promoting, encouraging and supporting graduate student research;
  • Helping undergraduates prepare for and gain admittance to graduate school through the Graduate Feeder Scholars’ Program;
  • Handling processes related to graduate faculty and creating programs that facilitate faculty development;
  • Overseeing the dissertation and thesis processes;
  • Ensuring compliance with all SACS graduate and professional accreditation standards;
  • Engaging in the review and approval of new and revised graduate programs and
  • Encouraging new program ideas and intellectual pursuits.
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To what address should the student send the Graduate School Admission Documents? 
Admission documents for graduate school online programs should be sent to:
Office of Instructional Technology
ATTN:  Distance Learning
525 Orr Drive
104 Coleman Library
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
What happens after I submit my Graduate application?
Between the point at which you submit an application until you finally enroll in your classes, your admission application goes through the following stages:
  • The Admissions Coordinator (AC) or assistant in the Graduate School creates a file which remains “incomplete” until all required documentation is received.
  • Once the file has sufficient required material for consideration (Transcripts, letters, GRE scores, etc), it is then submitted to the department to which the prospective student is applying.
  • The AC then notifies the applicant that the application has been received and forwarded to the department.
  • The department convenes its admissions committee to review the applications.The committee makes its recommendations to the department chair, who then generates the “Admissions Status Report” form (ASR).
    • This committee is made up of faculty members, who are the best persons to determine whether or not an applicant should be admitted to the programs.
  • On the ASR, the department chair makes a recommendation for approval or disapproval, signs the form and sends it to the Academic Dean.
  • The Academic Dean makes a recommendation to the Graduate Dean for approval or disapproval, signs the form, and sends it to the Graduate Dean.
  • The Graduate Dean makes a recommendation for approval or disapproval.
  • The Admissions Coordinator in the graduate school then sends the applicant a letter notifying her or him of the admissions status.
Who should I contact for additional information? 
Office of Instructional Technology
(850) 599-3460

Medical Coding Certificate Program
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Office of Instructional Technology

525 Orr Drive
104 Coleman Library
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
(850) 599-3460