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Over the last year, FAMU has been engaged in conversation regarding the development of the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. On behalf of the University Strategic Planning Committee, we invite you to a focus group to assist us in the strategic planning process. The focus groups will begin Tuesday, January 25, 2022, and conclude on February 2, 2022. Please consider joining us during one of the dates and times.

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The University Strategic Planning Committee is charged with developing ambitious goals that will prepare the institution for the changing trends and demands in the future. The committee hopes to engage with all stakeholders and supporters. Feedback on the process and proposed goals can be provided via the feedback survey (Click Here). Let’s remember; strategic planning is a process, not a product. And our process ensures that our plan “lives” and benefits FAMU. We look forward to your active engagement in this important endeavor as we move forward in the planning process!




Contact Us/Feedback

Contact Us/Feedback The University Strategic Planning Committe extends its appreciation to all of the stakeholders and supporters who provided input during this process. Additional comments for future consideration can be provided via this contact form on the right or email us at

More information about the work of the committee and the planning process can be found on the FAQ page.