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The University Strategic Planning Committee is composed of members appointed by the President of Florida A&M University. The Committee has been duly charged by the President and they are moving forward accordingly. Participation by stakeholders, interested parties and the public is strongly encouraged during the planning process.
There are a number of ways to learn more about the strategic planning process, including through the information contained on our website and attendance at the public meetings of the University Strategic Planning Committee or its subcommittees. As the work of the Committee progresses, the website will be updated periodically to include publications, data, and survey results.
The strategic plan is the touchstone for evaluating yearly priorities, guiding the allocation of resources, assessing institutional performance, demonstrating accountability, shaping the student, faculty and staff experience and recommending organizational alignments.  Designed to evolve in keeping with the current needs and situations, the plan will serve as a road map for the major directions in which the University will progress because it is designed to evolve in concert with current needs and situations.  The strategic planning process will engage in a comprehensive process to explore historical trends, gather data and insights, and take an inside-out approach to developing the 2022-27 strategic plan.
The meetings of the University Strategic Planning Committee are public, and are therefore open to any member of the public to attend. All meetings will be conducted via Zoom. More information about meeting dates and times can be found here.
You can provide feedback/comments through our contact us portal, during public comments at our meetings, by attendance at one of our town hall and focus group meetings or by emailing us at





Contact Us/Feedback

Contact Us/Feedback The University Strategic Planning Committee extends its appreciation to all of the stakeholders and supporters who provided input during this process. Additional comments for future consideration can be provided via this contact form on the right or email us at

More information about the work of the committee and the planning process can be found on the FAQ page.