Assessment and Care Team (ACT)

Reportable Behaviors

There are three categories of student behavior that ACT addresses:
 Behaviors of self-harm, suicidal thoughts, ideations or attempts
 Erratic behavior (including online activities) that disrupt the mission and/or normal proceedings of students, faculty, or staff
 Behavior that may compromise the health and safety of students, staff, faculty, or the general college community

The following are examples of behaviors that should be reported:
 Emotional outbursts (yelling, screaming or anger management issues)
 Verbal or written threats of any nature
 Intimidating or harassing others including disturbing or threatening phone calls, text messages, emails, social network posting, etc.
 Disruptive behavior on campus (including in classrooms)
 Concerns of physical abuse including self-mutilation and harm
 Concerns of intimate relationship violence, family violence and/or spousal abuse
 Transportation to the hospital for alcohol and drug use/abuse
 Material, written or spoken, in coursework suggesting possibly self-harm or harm to others
 Written or verbal expressions of suicidal thoughts, ideations or actions