Health Professions Program

Through classroom instruction, clinical experiences, and student-centered programming, FAMU’s Health Professions fosters key skills in future practitioners that can impact communities, transform families, and influence industries.

FAMU Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Mission Statement  

To attract, enroll, retain, and graduate high achievers and top scholars in healthcare professions through a centralized approach consisting of innovative, multi-faceted engagement, co-curricular activities, and educational workshops  

Vision and Goals: 

  • A coordinated, holistic approach to recruitment for the Health Professions  
  • Build a wider base of high academic achievers to improve licensure passage rates  
  • Increase awareness of FAMU’s full suite of programs offered in Healthcare Professions  
  • Promote “FAMU Health” Brand

FAMU Health Professions Message:

Florida A&M University (FAMU) has established its Health Professions Program to continue the mission of producing impactful healthcare leaders to serve our communities with the practices of tomorrow. Our nationally ranked programs and renowned faculty focus on preparation and cultivation through best practices, research, and teaching innovations. 

The Health Professions Program at FAMU highlights fields in Nursing, Physical Therapy, and the 6 –year Pharm. D. program. We offer academic support to “pre”-professional and professional students in conjunction with co-curricular activities to strengthen retention and licensure passage rates.

Health Professions Program Functions 

  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

  • Increased Academic Support Services

  • Professional Development Activities

  • “Leadership in Healthcare” Seminar Series 


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Health Professions Program
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