Strategic Priority 5


Trustee Lawson, President Robinson, and Provost Edington posing with the rattler strike. Organizational Effectiveness & Transformation

Strategic Priority Five, Organizational Effectiveness and Transformation, focuses on the successful implementation of best practices in institutional sustainability for recruiting, retaining, and developing employees, which includes succession planning to enhance operations through continuous improvement efforts. 

Measures of Success for Organization Effectiveness and Transformation focus on employee retention, satisfaction, and awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and audit findings.


Goal 5.1

Enhance a culture that intentionally fosters building and engaging a high performing workforce and fortifies FAMU’s status as an employer of choice.

  • Action Conduct university-wide compensation analysis.
  • Action Develop a compensation philosophy that ensures faculty, staff and administrator compensation and benefits are equitable and competitive.
  • Action Present to leadership and implement, a new, more modern approach to compensation with market alignment and clear career progressions.
  • Action Implement a biennial campus climate survey for faculty and staff.
  • Action Develop information to provide University- level information on topics that include mission, vision, values, ethics, supervision, organizational structure, institutional goals, policies, and total compensation.
  • Action Develop a technology delivery platform for university-level orientation information that is available to all new employees at any time.
  • Action Establish a process for orientation and onboarding at a department, campus or college/ school level that builds upon the University- level programming and includes templates and resources to support new employees.
  • Action Evaluate current development opportunities at the university for faculty and staff.
  • Action Survey faculty and staff opinions on development opportunities.
  • Action Establish a staff professional development/ leadership/coaching program.
  • Action Enhance and build a broad-based suite of professional development, leadership and management programming to develop new and existing employees, supervisors and leaders.
  • Action Survey employees about the quality and effectiveness of current instruments.
  • Action Use survey feedback to inform changes/ revisions/utilization of best practices.
  • Action Deliver a performance management program that encompasses goal setting and real time feedback conversations between managers and employees to ensure goals are met.
  • Action Develop recommendations for revision of evaluation instruments in collaboration with appropriate management and collective bargaining units.
  • Action Enhance the succession planning framework to eliminate/address critical position vacancies.
  • Action Appoint members to the University Recognition Committee to determine the structure and content of the employee recognition program.
  • Action Launch the campus-wide employee recognition program.
  • Action Evaluate current research/scholarship/ creative activities within academic units.
  • Action Survey faculty opinions on the current research/scholarship/creative activities.
  • Action Partner with Division of Research to increase research and scholarship activity.
  • Action Determine resources/source of resources required to inform potential rewards for increased activity within academic units.
  • Action Develop new research/scholarship/creative opportunities for faculty (as determined by academic units).
  • Action Establish a Task Force to assess the current structure and processes.
  • Action Implement phases for centralizing HR policies and best practices.

Goal 5.2

Optimize effectiveness of operations through enhancement of processes and innovation.

  • Action Select and implement a process improvement protocol to examine current business processes which includes mapping the process and identify gaps, make improvements, institutionalize new processes.
  • Action Create an infrastructure to support streamlining business operations which includes timeline, training, accountability measures, and ongoing process review.
  • Action Implement a comprehensive data analytics and reporting platform with institutional visibility.
  • Action Develop robust customized data dashboards and reports for academic and administrative units.
  • Action Create analytics/business intelligence training program in partnership with identified champions/power users, and provide personalized ongoing training.
  • Action Implement an IT governance system to establish IT strategy that is aligned with the university’s strategic plan.
  • Action Implement a next generation cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
  • Action Enhance cybersecurity program.
  • Action Upgrade network infrastructure in academic and administrative facilities.
  • Action Integrate classrooms and laboratories with enhanced technology options to create a more engaging learning experience.

Goal 5.3

Strengthen the University’s culture of strategic decision making through promotion and enhancement of compliance, internal controls, and enterprise risk management practices with an emphasis on engagement, education, reporting, and accountability.

  • Action Incorporate ethics language into hiring, promotion, and rewards processes.
  • Action Establish an accountability framework to address compliance and ethics violations.
  • Action Using Learning Management System (LMS), develop a self-paced course annually that allows employees to work through training modules on specified topics.
  • Action Develop a monthly management newsletter that highlights different organizational best practices.
  • Action Create badging and/or certificate programs for staff, faculty, and students to earn on specified topic areas.
  • Action Create regularly scheduled interactive educational opportunities (i.e., town halls, lunch and learns, workshops, games, contests, compliance & ethics workshops,etc.).
  • Action Create micro-learning campaigns pushed out to FAMUInfo with short 2–5-minute videos and/or infographics on a variety of topics.
  • Action Identify policies germane to each division/ department and cross-functional policies.
  • Action Dissemination of current policies to divisions/departments responsible for the policy.
  • Action Subject matter experts update and renew policies to ensure they comply with current federal or state legislation guides.
  • Action Divisions/departments submit policies to Legal Affairs for review and/or approval and official posting.
  • Action Develop standard analysis reporting that highlight institutional data/ outcomes related to student success and administrative effectiveness and communicate salient findings and collaborate on recommendations.
  • Action Track performance measures to support strategic planning, regional and program accreditation, program reviews and accountability.
  • Action Enhance robust assessment management practices to sustain the excellence in assessment designation.




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