Strategic Priority 3


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Leverage the Brand

Strategic Priority Three, Leverage the Brand, focuses on revolutionizing the customer service experience through coaching, measurement, and a culture of accountability. This priority also includes enhancing branding and messaging to strengthen advocacy and support for academic outcomes.

Measures of Success for Leveraging the Brand represent peer perception ratings and customer service satisfaction.



Goal 3.1

Foster a university-wide customer-centric culture to support academic and operational excellence.

  • Action Develop customer service standards and performance targets for each unit.
  • Action Develop assessment tools for all training/ professional development programs.
  • Action Regularly solicit and assess stakeholder customer service needs, experiences, and concerns.
  • Action Generate and disseminate annual reports highlighting customer service initiatives and status across the institution.
  • Action Enhance the campus infrastructure and capacity for coordinating customer service training activities.
  • Action Create and utilize an employee Customer Service Training Guide.
  • Action Implement a comprehensive onboarding process for new employees that includes customer service expectations.
  • Action Incorporate expectations into job descriptions and the annual performance evaluation process.
  • Action Incorporate customer service metrics into annual assessment plans for administrative and academic units.
  • Action Implement an annual Customer Service Campaign to highlight initiatives, best practices, and top performers.
  • Action Standardize institutional policies and procedures and disseminate via a centralized, accessible location.

Goal 3.2

Increase international recognition as a leading academic, research and cultural institution.

  • Action Develop and execute an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan.
  • Action Utilize University digital platforms and immersive media technology to engage diverse audiences.
  • Action Build and enhance external partnerships to increase brand awareness and reach.
  • Action Focus and develop strategic campaigns that capture prospective students early in their decision-making process.
  • Action Create and reinforce opportunities that feature the University as an intellectual powerhouse.
  • Action Systematically promote FAMU’s outstanding contributions and its role as a critical resource and valuable education and economic partner.
  • Action Establish and maintain a database of university experts.
  • Action Utilize appropriate platforms to promote university experts based on field of expertise.
  • Action Leverage opportunities to physically showcase university experts to key influencers.
  • Action Develop communications materials that highlight university experts and disseminate to national organizations and peer institutions.

Goal 3.3

Cultivate and diversify the network of advocates and supporters to advance the university’s mission and strategic priorities.

  • Action Establish and maintain a centralized database of target audiences.
  • Action Deploy campaigns and promotions with stakeholder-specific messaging, goals, and intended outcomes.
  • Action Increase collaborations with national education associations on broad policy issues impacting K-20 University priorities.
  •  Action Align staffing levels and resource allocations dedicated to lobbying and outreach efforts with state and national peers.
  • Action Maintain external consultants at state and federal levels to enhance relationships and assist with coordination of legislative programs.
  • Action Expand digital tools to further outreach on pertinent national policy goals and objectives.




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