Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm.D.

Pharmacy student reviewing clipboard
Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm.D.
The Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health program offers the Doctor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.  With its main campus in Tallahassee, Florida, it is the only pharmacy program in the United States with a fully accredited Institute of Public Health. The college has additional practice centers in Jacksonville, Davie, Tampa, and Crestview, which support the infrastructure for the college's statewide commitment to pharmacy education and public service.

Academic Course Curriculum 

What is a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists aid people who are experiencing health abnormalities within a myriad of therapeutic areas.

Pharmacists develop and manage medication therapy regimens to improve the quality of life of the patients they serve.





Pharmacist Careers

Pharmacists work in a wide range of settings such as clinics, hospitals, health centers, community pharmacies, home infusion, out-patient infusion centers, nuclear pharmacies, regulatory agencies, public health organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry.





Salary Expectations
Salary Expectations
Pharmacist Salary Expectations

In 2022, the average Pharmacists made:

  • an average of $63.82 an hour
  • $132,750 per year

The states with the highest employment rates for Pharmacists are:

  1. California
  2. Alaska
  3. Oregan
  4. Washington



Pharmacist Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Q: What is a pharmacist's work schedule like?
A: It varies depending on the setting. For example, hospitals are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days. There may be times when you work on holidays, weekends, evenings, and overnight. On the other hand, clinics are usually open weekdays during traditional work hours.

Q: How long does it take to complete pharmacy school? 
A: Four years

Q: After graduation, can a pharmacist start working immediately?
A: There are board exams that must be passed to practice pharmacy. Some jobs require post-doctoral training, such as a residency or a fellowship, which can be an additional year or two years after graduating.


Program Faculty

Name Email Phone
Aaron Hillard 850-561-2854
Dr. Amy Renaud 850-689-4006
Dr. Angela Thornton   850-599-3771
Dr. Arinze Okere 850-412-7376
Bridg'ette Israel 850-599-3637
Bryan A. Lewis 850-599-3638
Dr. Cameron Javanmardi 850-412-6003
Chandra Shekhar Voshavar 850-599-3324
Dr. Chenita Carter 850-689-7936
Dr. Daryl Norwood 954-651-9218
Dr. David Seal 904-391-3903
Ebenezer Oriaku 850-561-2733
Edward Agyare 850-599-3581
Eun-Sook Lee 850-412-7565
Dr. Frank Emanuel 904-391-3901
Dr. Gallop Franklin 850-412-7786
Hernan Flores-Rozas 850-412-7088
Dr. Jamal Brown 813-844-5676
Dr. Jocelyn Spates 850-599-3087
John S. Cooperwood 850-599-3110
Kinfe Redda 850-412-5219
Dr. Leonard Rappa 954-270-8878
Dr. Lillian Smith-Flakes 813-975-6500
Dr. Madison Holmes 850-689-7916
Dr. Margareth Larose-Pierre 850-689-7915
Matthew Dutton 850-599-3000
Maurice Holder  850-321-8078
Mina Messiha 850-599-3301 
Dr. Nathaniel Eraikhuemen 954-376-6140
Nazarius S. Lamango 850-412-7377
Dr. Pameil Rawlings 407-421-5001
Dr. Patty Ghazvini 850-599-8415
Dr. Quovadis Epps 904-346-5033
R. Renee Reams 850-445-4558
Dr. Ryan Johnson 850-599-8656
Dr. Samantha Thompson 904-391-3902
Sandra Suther 850-599-3063
Selina Darling-Reed 850-412-5078
Dr. Soheyla Mahdavian 850-599-8186
Syreeta L. Tilghman 850-599-3933
Tiffany Wilson Ardley 850-599-3774
Dr. Tonya Martin-Davis 904-391-3906
Tracy Womble 850-567-2466