Master's (M.S.) in Community Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. It seeks to help us understand how the human brain is affected by the social, physical, and biological world — and what behaviors may be a result of those conditions.

About This Program

The graduate programs in community psychology provide students with academic, research and multicultural skills designed to prepare them for professional employment or doctoral level training.

Within this context, the program incorporates an emphasis on Black psychology and mental health of populations of African descent and persons of color. Content courses and experiential exposures are provided to implement this multicultural orientation.

Students will explore mental health issues in a multicultural context through this graduate degree, which involves an internship and either a thesis or research project.

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The Master's (M.S.) in Community Psychology requires 46 semester hours to complete.

Students enrolled in the Community Psychology Program are required to complete a minimum of 46 semester hours, including 34 hours of course work, an internship (one semester) and a research thesis (Thesis-track) or approved research project (Professional-track), in order to fulfill graduation requirements.

Total Credit Hours for Degree: 46 hrs

Academic Course Curriculum

Your Map to the Master's (M.S.) in Community Psychology Degree

The Master's (M.S.) in Community Psychology requires 46 semester hours to complete.

  • PSY 6206 Advanced Psychological Statistics, Measurement And Evaluation (3)
  • PSY 6216 Research Methods (3)
  • PSY 6064 Proseminar In Advanced General Psychology (3)
  • PPE 6055 Theories Of Personality (3)
  • SPS 6191 Psycho-edu Assesment I (4)
  • CLP 6166 Psychopathology (3)
  • SPS 6206 Intervention Techniques (3)
  • CLP 6445 Individual Personality Testing (4)
  • CYP 6936 Seminar In Community Psychology (3)
  • CYP 6938 Advanced Seminar In Black Psychology (3)
  • SPS 6931 Ethics And Law For Sch Psy (3)
  • CYP 6948 Internship In Community Psychology (6-12)

Thesis Track:

  • PSY 6970 Thesis I (1-6)
  • PSY 6971 Thesis II (1-6)

Professional Track:

  • PSY 6910 Directed Indiv Study (1-6)


Program Faculty

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