Procedures for Filing a Complaint



The University's President has delegated to the EOP officer the authority and responsibility to receive, conciliate and investigate complaints of discrimination and/or harassment and to make recommendations concerning the disposition of complaints (refer to University Regulation 10.103.) 

A complaint of alleged discrimination and/or harassment may be filed by the affected individual pursuant to University Regulation 10.103. In order to initiate a formal complaint, the affected individual must complete a “Charge of Discrimination/Harassment” form (obtained from the Office of  EOP) and return this form to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.



Title IX Complaint Form



The address and contact information are listed below:  


Office of Equal Opportunity Programs

1700 Lee Hall Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
Suite 308
(850) 599-3076
(850) 561-2862